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Cool Homemade Snuff

ALLexALLex Member
edited February 13 in Types of Snuff
I made a homemade snuff using a 5-pack of Backwoods Cigars (Aromatics) ! 
I threw the hole 5 backwoods in (leaf and guts). 
It is amazing, has a beautiful aroma like Backwoods!
First days the snuff had a very classic Backwood aroma in the nose. 
Also, I have to say that it is pretty plain snuff, I was sniffing it one day and then met a friend who dont knows about snuff and she told me that I'm stinking cigarette smell. I told her that I was in a bar and that my clothes smell like cigarettes cause everyone was smoking. lol
Anyways, pretty awesome homemade snuff.

Now, after some weeks in the jar it changed! Now it has a very clear and strong BISCUIT aroma! In the nose it has a biscuit and plain tobacco aroma! It's good!

About the nicotine level, it started with a very good nicotine hit and now I think it is weak in the nicotine department. Maybe it lost some nicotine as I was experimenting with it's moisture as I tried to hydrated it a few time. I choose a moisture like a typical Toque for this one (a little moist but clearly on the dry side).

Now I'm thinking of making a snuff with only the backwoods wrapper leaf.

What are your opinions on homemade snuff made from Backwoods?


  • @ALLex If you want to make snuff, you need to add alkalizer. Otherwise you'll inevitably find it's "weak in the nicotine department".
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited February 13 PM
    @volunge Of course I added alkalizers! I didnt post the recipe cause I wanted to focus on the Backwoods Cigars snuff and your opinions about it.
    From where I am we love Backwoods for their wrapper leaf! We roll weed with it of course!
    I thought it would be a badass snuff.
    Maybe i should have added some  30% fine grinded good weed in just for the aroma to be like a true Backwood as we know it lol 
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