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bloody back drip

So I always try to cough up the back drip because I don't want it going down my throat and swallow it. Last night I did that as always but it was accompanied by quite a bit of blood. At first I thought it was coming from my teeth but I coughed it up again a couple of times and there always was blood. Did that ever happen to anyone? Should I be worried? I don't know if I just over did it with the snuff. 25g usually last a week for me. I'm using only Viking Brown at the moment. Maybe the snuff is a little harsh?


  • Viking drip is very harsh...
  • Well, I almost take nasal tobacco since 20 years now.

    Never had any problems with back drips - and never ever bloody one.

    Mabe you are getting sick? A cold maybe? I made the experience, when a cold is coming and I take nasal tobacco as usual, a tiny bit of bloody forward drip can appear. But that depends on which kind of parts of the system get attacked.

    But with back drip never had any problems.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 21 PM
    It happens to me when I have respiratory infection, once or twice a year. Years ago I stopped using snuff for this reason (suspecting it being a culprit). However, during long break (3-4 years) I came to a conclusion that it's not related to snuff use, and returned to snuff.

    @Carolin4060, well might be that the frequent attempts to hawk up / facilitate expectoration wear down the mucous membrane of the throat and trigger bleeding. Especially under inflammation (in my case).

    I run through 15 g a week as of late.
  • IMO snuff in general helps to prevent from this kind of infection as it uses to keep the nose nicely wet.
  • I've swallowed some pretty harsh back drip over the years, rustica being the worst, and I've never had a hint of any blood. If it continues to happen I'd be inclined to see a doctor, snuff or not.
  • I would agree it sounds like a cold or such, I assume the blood is congealed a bit...with snuff, also hol and such it is very important to listen to one,s body and also as I said I find the Viking drip to be a bit harsh to the extent that it bothers my stomach or bring some on a bit of an acid reflux type reaction.
  • I've never had bloody back drip, but I have terrible back drip all the nose is always runny, even with allergy pills and prescription nasal sprays :(
  • GormurGormur Member
    The one and only time I had blood come out of my nose was with my first snuff, Kendal Brown Scented. I figure it had something to do with the perfume (scent) used in it, so since then I haven't sought perfumed snuff and I've been fine
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