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Competition Time - Best Snuff Photo

MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
edited December 2019 in General
Ladies and gents, time to dust of the camera (phone) or scroll through your past photos.

MrSnuff is running a Facebook photo competition with awesome giveaways.

1st Prize: $200 of snuff and snuff accessories

2nd/3rd: $100 of snuff and snuff accessories

4th/5th/6th/7th: $50 of snuff and snuff accessories

Just click here: Facebook Photo

And post your favorite snuff or snuff related photo.

Ideas: Professional looking photo of your favourite snuff; snuff in an interesting/unusual location; snuff being used; your outstanding collection; your cat taking snuff (we have to have at least one cat photo).

The winner is the photo with the most likes on Facebook; Yes's on Instagram (we'll post there for you) and likes on Snuffhouse.

You guys have a distinct advantage because most people on Instagram and Facebook won't be here. So you get a triple dip, so to speak.

Competition runs from now until 01:00 GMT 25th December, with the winners announced soon after.

Have fun!



  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    Bump....where are your pictures guys?

    These hampers are looking lonely and need a good home.

  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    Oh I forgot to say....all participants get a 15% Discount Coupon regardless if they win or not
  • I deleted Facebook.
  • edited December 2019 PM
    Maybe consider submissions from other avenues... I idea how to post a photo here, every time I try nothing seems to upload.

  • Your image size should not exceed 2 Mb. Try reducing the size of your image.
  • I also do not use any modern social media sites
  • @volunge thanks

    @ar47 good for you, they are the bane of society... coming on here is somewhat refreshing, like being in a yahoo forum in 1999.
  • @snuffandsympathy when mySpace came along I said What's the point? I already have my own website ("blog" before the term) and forum (long since shuttered). I suppose I could keep better contact with the old boys from school with Facebook et. Al. But not keep my privacy, free time, sense of the present etc
  • @ar47 I feel you... I was connecting to usernet forums via BBSs with a 2400baud modern pre-high school: that was exciting, MySpace sort of lost my interest although I sort of wish I could go back to that.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    I am actually with you on FB. It is evil.

    Feel free to post right here. Same rules apply. In fact to tbh I suspect that anybody who posts a great/funny picture on snuffhouse is in with a good chance of winning since we tend to rally around each other on this forum. More of a community than I think happens on FB....but then again how would I know since I never use FB.

    I have an account but it is purely for business and the youngsters here are the ones who actually post etc.

    If you haven't yet seen the Great Hack on Netflix, it's a great watch (little scary).

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    Douglas-fir pinch

       Season's greetings with a pinch of Douglas fir-scented snuff!

  • Wishing one and all Happy Christmas and Good Cheer.20191220_201916
  • These are certainly much more tasteful than the ones I saw via the Facebook link. @Betty I live in NYC?what sort of store was Nat Sherman? Not sure I have heard of it...
  • @snuffandsympathy I don't know, the box originally held 25 cigars from Honduras according to the labels on it. I got it empty when a traditional tobacconist closed down in my home town in Southern England (a sad day that was I can tell you) and was giving them away. The box also has "Hudson" stamped on it if that helps. 
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator

    Thanks for your pictures. We will put them on FB and Instagram to see if we can get you a few more votes.

    Nat Sherman was an institution in NYC up until a couple of years ago. They were having financial problems and were finally bailed out by one of the big boys I believe.

    I have never visited the cigar shop or smoking lounge in NYC but it is supposed to be excellent. A step back in time to the Art Deco era, that is reflected in their branding.

  • Thanks for the information Dave! I had a very down to earth smoking lounge near me in Brooklyn that I never managed to visit, was thinking to recently, and it too was closed...
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