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Other Tom Buck-ish snuffs?

Tom Buck is the first SP I've tried. I love the scent/flavor, but find it fades very quickly for me.

Can anyone recommend other similar snuffs that might be longer lasting?

thanks in advance,


  • For longer lasting, try Gawith Hoggarth SP in 25 g tin. Rose and bergamot, nice moisture and beautiful silky texture.
  • Toque SP-extra!
  • thanks @volunge & @tobaccobob!
  • Gold label would be worth a try. It has a stronger tobacco which makes the bergamot aroma come out sharper.
    Tom Buck is a nice mild tobacco with strong bergamot aroma. Tom Buck is an everyday snuff for me.
  • thanks @beantin!
  • WOS Best SP seems to be almost exactly like Tom Buck with slightly less nicotine.
    McChrysals Smokers Blend is a really nice SP with just a very slight hint of menthol to round it out.

    I have loved all the SPs I have tried, should have ordered more on my last round. I want to wait until after the holidays to place another order when cash is not so tight.
  • WoS Grand Cairo
  • thx @Betty_BW
  • For a good unique SP I suggest you try Jaxsons. Can't recall the exact name, buts at dot uk which is where Jaxson's is sold. In fact most of that brand is pretty good. Some say they are a contract brand made by Mc Chrystal's, and I believe that too.
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