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Anybody in US got a tin of Zyn handy?

MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
Anybody in US got a tin of Zyn handy?

I ask because we are looking at getting White Fox into the US market.

There are certain limitations imposed by our friends at the FDA.

If someone has a tin would they be kind enough to post a picture of the back of the tin.

Particulalry interested on how the nicotine qty is expreeesed: %, mg/g or mg/portion.

Thanks guys,



  • Hey, Dave. I pulled this off of ebay, not mine.

  • Here are 2 pics of mine, a litte more recent can...several slight changes

  • I really dislike tobacco free and find it personally insulting. Just saying.
  • @ar47 I think they're neglecting the effects of the other alkaloids and they're combined effects at the least. I doubt any companies will put in the work to produce a more "complete" alternative though. At some point it may be simpler to somehow "purify" a tobacco extract of unwanted components.
  • And then some company will produce tobacco pills for every taste and situation...
  • @tobaccobob You're probably right but I bet we'll stick with snuff though.
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