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 We are launching a new website. Free shipping for first 500 orders!

Northerner.com phasing out sales of all US products to the EU

volungevolunge Member
edited November 2019 in General
This is the end. The only steady source of American dry snuff, dip and chew is shutting down.

As of November 11th, northerner.com will stop offering these products to all international countries with an exception of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.

They did a very nice job running this service that long.

I was looking forward to their free shipping promotion to place an order for some American dry scotch snuff, but stumbled upon these sad news.


  • Terrible news for everyone affected.

    Do you know when their next free shipping promotion would be? I live in an unaffected country luckily, but their shipping prices are rough.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2019 PM
    @rodalacket, I'm afraid they won't do them anymore. I doubt I spotted any free shipping promo this year.

    In the days of Northerner's glory (or should I rather say - in their old business model times), that is, before the introduction of chewing bags and (later on) tobacco-free nicotine pouches, when they were independent company and still offered Skruf and V2 snus to their EU customers, they used to run the promotions on a regular basis. They were constantly rotating phases of no promo/discout on selected or featured products/20-50% off everything/free shipping. As far as I remember, one could expect free shipping during the festive periods and the Black Friday.

    As of now, Northerner is a "part of Haypp Group, one of the world's biggest online retailers of All White products".
  • Zebra2374Zebra2374 Member
    edited November 2019 PM
    @volunge they still do the great promos. I regularly get my Nordic Chew from them. I used to get snus from taxfreesnus but in all honesty I enjoy the chew just as much. I despise the idea of All White though. They've dropped the ball by being part of the Haypp Group, for sure.
  • Sad news.  Interestingly, I live in the US but they won't ship to my state.
  • Not free shipping but due to this post I went and saw all their American snuff is on sale. Took the opportunity to stock up while it is still available
  • @Kengivens, thanks for the heads up!
  • It seems we've misinterpreted Northerners statement.

    "As of November 11th, we will stop offering our products to all international countries with an exception of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. All membership accounts in other International countries than the ones mentioned above will be closed down. All International orders will be shipped from our Swedish warehouse where we offer a great range of products such as Nicotine pouches and Swedish snus. All products from our US and DK warehouses will no longer be available to the countries mentioned above. (I.e. American snuff, American Chew, Chew Bags, Nasal snuff (american), American Snus and Mudjug/Spittoon."

    Northerners US products are now exclusively sold to US citizens, with certain states also excluded. 
  • I missed this one until after the due date. Is there anywhere left that sells US chew online to Australia? I am all out and need a new supplier otherwise it is on to Nordic chew
  • Do you ship to North Korea?
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