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Fast and Loose Reviews (early draft)

edited November 2019 in General
Only Toques so far but I'll continue compiling a more comprehensive list of all the snuffs I've ever tried and will be trying.  Hope this can serve as somewhat of a crude guide to help some folks navigate the crisis of deciding what to order, although it is based solely on my subjective experience.  I got this idea from another member's post from 2017.

Toque Original: nice balance of bergamot and brown sugar. 4/5
Toque Natural: barnyard (alfalfa, manure).  4/5
Toque Natural Toast:  I get a wood-fired brick oven with something dazzling and dessert-like.  5/5*
Toque Almond Toast:  warm carmelized toasted almonds on a shortcake.  5/5*
Toque Peach:  peach skin / peach fuzz. 3/5
Toque USA Peach: apricots and menthol. Similar to Gawith Original but more balanced.  5/5
Toque Coke:  I detect real coca-cola flavor.  Too fleeting to get a hold of. Very short lasting.  4/5
Toque Strawberry:  freshly picked strawberry.  3/5
Toque Apricot: strong, lingering cardboard scent/taste.  1/5
Toque Grapefruit:  brief whiff of sliced grapefruit on the counter, minus bitterness. scent evaporates soon in tin (2 wks).  4/5
Toque Violet:  like having a flower stuffed up your nose.  soapy and petal-like.  2/5
Toque Lavender:  laundry sheets. 2/5
Toque Rose:  not the flower but the rose garden.  "green"  3/5
Toque Lime Toast:  toasty blast of lime salt (Twang)  5/5
Toque USA Lime:  zesty twang on an oiled base and oh so moreish.  5/5*
Toque Spanish Gem:  unlit cognac-drenched cigarillo in a lovely medium-fine grind 5/5*
Toque Ambrosia:  bananas, apples, grapes, rustica. coarse grind. 4/5
Toque SP Extra: bergamot balanced with a rich, medium-bodied tobacco.  lasting scent. 5/5
Toque Quit:  hint of bergamot, dominant scent is on the bitter side and resembles crushed black tea leaves.  on the strong side nic wise, medium-fine.  4/5
Toque USA Kentucky Bourbon:  Tennessee / Irish whiskey 4/5
Toque Bourbon: campfire on a toast. 4/5
Toque Whisky and Honey: Highland single malt on a toast.  5/5
Toque USA Whiskey and Honey: toast and butter with a sugary musk. 4/5
Toque Toast and Marmalade: toast, orange zest,  hint of confectioner's sugar, fairy dust.  5/5
Toque Chocolate:  chocolate-flavored pudding from the refrigerated aisle.  3/5
Toque Berwick Brown:  citrus peels and a lovely balance of lavender & violet conjure the images of a renaissance era violin shop and saddles hanging in Spanish cavalry stables.  5/5*

1: Ech  2:Meh  3: Hmm  4: Yup  5: Wow Ser  5*: heroic craftsmanship


  • I like this, keep it up.
  • @captainblackboogers oh no doubt.  I had basically lost all interest in snuff after 2 giant orders were lost in the mail for almost 2 months... until they just showed up out of nowhere.  My my, how the tables have turned.  So it goes in the throes of addiction!
  • as bob has said to me before it takes time to know a snuff and I in no way want to suggest to anyone that these initial reactions have any pretense of capturing the full experience and essence of a snuff.
  • edited November 2019 PM
    @haveawhiffonme  If i were to review snuff, it would not be helpful at all:

    Toque Quit:  delicious
    Toque peanut butter: tastes like peanut butter
    Six photo cheeta, strong and good
    Navy plain: good

    I'll just leave the reviewing to you and others who are more capable..Looking forward to more of your reviews.
  • I have been snuffing so long that I can't review any more snuffs other than catagorizing them as American, menthol, floral or Indian. Or rappees, or fruity or German. I went through a phase of reviewing snuffs but prefer to read reviews written by someone else. I still refer to Tony Bart's excellent reviews and also Juxtaposers detailed reviews.
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