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New White Dholakia Snuffs

In my most recent snuff order I picked up a 10g tub of Dholakia Mighty Eagle on a whim, to try something new.

I've had a few white Indian snuffs in the past including Cheetah, White Elephant, and Dholakia White. Generally, while I liked the nicotine hit (once I was able to master the pressure control needed), i found the blandness of the scent not to my liking. I'm a full-time snuser, i use nasal snuff for fun mostly, so I prefer a strong scent. Although one batch of DW that I received did have that legendary "fishy/sweaty" odor which I found curiously enjoyable, like a pungent cheese.

The Mighty Eagle was quite a surprise for me. The color was khaki, a few shade darker than the other whites I'd tried, and the grind was the same dry, silky flour I'd expected. The scent, however, was another beast entirely. There is a hint of menthol, perhaps in line with that of Sparrow Cool, that is just enough to feel your airways open a touch, followed by a delicious, complex, spicy scent that seems to have a strong clove mixed with some other delightful scents that my palate isn't quite sophisticated enough to single out. All in all I found it more enjoyable than any of the afore mentioned snuffs, it's now become a regular go-to for me (and supplanted any craving for my Mulled Magic).

I'm curious if anyone out there has tried the Majestic Elephant or Lion King yet? After experiencing the Mighty Eagle, I immediately added a tub of each to my cart at Mr Snuff. I'd love to hear your thoughts on them!


  • Hey @Shavasana I agree they are nice snuffs. The Eagle is my favorite. The Lion King is unmedicated and has a pronounced nuttiness to it. The Elephant is more medicated than the Eagle if I recall correctly and has some uniquely Indian scenting.
  • Thanks, @ar47. Based on what you say here, the Majestic Elephant sounds sublime!
  • Haven't tried these. I still have some sparrow and cheetah, and some NC Madras and oh I almost forgot a tub of Afghan snuff that is identical to dholakia white!
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