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Looks like I owe someone a fiver.

Between the FDA and the flood the release of OTTO has been set back another couple of weeks.  I am so sorry.  I promise it is on its way.


  • You're good, brother.
  • Do you have any teasers for us in the meantime? I think we're all just excited to try it, and I would love to get some before Christmas if possible as I'm not in blighty anymore :)
  • Thanks for the update chief.
  • My conspiracy theory that Otto will release with Brexit only gets stronger! ;)
  • @ar47 I hope not, Brexit will take ages ;)
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2019 PM
    If ever.. No doubt about Otto, though. Good stuff needs to age - many old snuff recipes call for a fairly long aging/maturation (6+ months). It would be nice to see at least some of them new snuffs done in a proper coarse grind. High hopes!
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