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Toque Coke - Fizz is back

You tell us and we listen.  We've upped the flavouring in our Coke and in a number of other flavours.

I think we now know that flavours change over the years. Accountants now run business and like any company run by accountants, companies cut corners and try to make more money.  Our suppliers are no different than any other and we are finding we are having to add more flavouring to just stay the same.

Now we know we will watch this for you, but my thanks for those who took the time to let us know, we were missing a beat.


  • yum. May I suggest making some cherry coke? That may be quite delicious.

  • ar47ar47 Member
    Black cherry cola maybe?

    Btw I dont like carrying a tin of nose snuff that says Coke on it. Just speaking for myself
  • @ar47 that's funny 'cause i'm the oppisite. I love seeing the look on peoples face when i take a big ol sniff out of a tin clearly labeled as coke.  
  • I only tried toque coke recently. I was extremely impressed with it. Even had the fizzy start, followed by a great coke aroma. Any coke fan would love this snuff!
  • edited November 26 PM
    I enjoyed the Toque Coke which I bought did not seem stepped on to me but I have yet to travel to Peru or Bolivia...
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