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Toque Spanish Gem & Ambrosia

edited October 2019 in General
Anybody know if Ambrosia is crafted using a sweating technique, as Spanish Gem is said to be produced by?

And does anyone find it difficult to identify Spanish gem in the ambrosia profile? I ground my ambrosia to a fine grind and now it has a slight resemblance towards Spanish gem but still nothing that my nose can identify as a Spanish gem on steroids as I have heard Roderick describe. What is your experience in relating these two snuffs to one another?

Edit: quotation marks removed as I am on an iOS device


  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    I find they share at least one scent element, but each have many. The grinds are obviously different, but the tobacco bases may be as well.
  • edited October 2019 PM
    @sammyd13 my nose agrees with that assessment. The main character of SG i get is fire cured tobacco with cognac. But I find there is a mere hint of that in Ambrosia, and even to get that I have to grind it fine.
  • If Ambrosia doesnt come oiled (in contrast to Spanish Gem) then my 25g wasn't made to spec :D mentioned this before
  • @haveawhiffonme I am 3 grams in to a tin of Spanish gem and could not pick it out. Not quite vanilla, not quite chocolate, not quite honey, a little bit of booziness. What the hell is it?!? Then you said cognac and bells started ringing in my head. Thank you
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Congac or perhaps sherry?
  • I would say Brandy de Jerez (spanish cognac) made and aged same way as Sherry Wine by maturing in Soleras in used sherry casks.
    If I am not mistaken TQ Ambrosia differs from TQ Spanish Gem by coarser grind, higher level of moisture and small adition of Rustica tobacco. And Ambrosia is not definately oiled also if not mistaken it all begun as Bespoke blen on request of member Aamon as specified the blend: Dark, medium grind and more nicotine than a normal Spanish Gem and less muskyness tan in it,
  • edited October 2019 PM
    @ar47 I cannot tell for sure but my A does seem oiled and my SG does not. A is still clumpy after grinding fine and resists drying out whereas SG is rather fine and plenty powdery.

    @sammyd13 I have heard sherry was a key ingredient in the famous Spanish Jewel which SG is supposed to be a copy of. I however get a perfect blast of unlit, cognac-soaked cigarillo in this. That is not to say I believe it has cognac in it but rather it is just what my nose gathers from the scent. I can recognize the cognac scent from experience but do not really know enough to identify sherry with confidence.

    Edit: @jackgrave ahh so that is why I remember hearing something about sherry. Thanks!
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