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How do you organize your snuff collection?

edited September 2019 in General
tapboxes, tins, thimbles, it can get out of hand fast.  So I streamlined my collection a bit by ordering some empty screwtop tins.  I found the 6 photo thimbles decanted perfectly into the small tins, and two thimbles of MG Madras decanted perfectly into a medium tin.  The large tins I bought are ideally suited for holding the contents of one 6 photo 45g tin.  The small tins are also a pretty close match for the small Dholakia containers.  Nice to know I can order any of these in large quantities in the future and have a handly little dedicated tin to pinch from.  I have the same intentions for my 10g toque tins once I decide which ones I can live without bulk quantities of (dreadful to have to choose!)

Pics and details:

links to my tins and boxes.  black box came from Mr Snuff but may have been discontinued.

How do you organize your snuff collection and daily use kit?


  • well I have five snuffs right now. Two bespokes that are awesome. Toque natural toast which is a tough less then awesome, and two classic dholakias Kamal and Ganga. They're just sitting next to each other the toques are in jars in a closet the Kamal and Ganga are in their two 50gram tubs. Pretty easy to store that way. Now the pipe tobacco "cellar" is harder to deal with.
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    @bob I think i follow you on the 50g tins if they are the tall cylindrical tins like 6p uses. Makes sense to minimize surface exposure. Your system seems simple and enviable from my position. maybe it would have been better for me to take it a few snuffs at a time. When next shipment arrives I will have 70+ snuffs on hand... easily a 1-year supply if I use it all, maybe several years. Will be keeping them in jars though and hopefully can attain the noble deed of whittling it down to 5 someday! Or at least 10... 11? :D
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    @bob sorry for the noob q but is a bespoke a custom crafted snuff from toque? I think I saw you had Roderick make you a jasmine snuff- was that in the fashion of some of the discontinued jasmines? Never tried them. I would like to read about yours and what you were going for if you have described it elsewhere. Would be cool to do a custom order snuff but Im so in love with lime toast and Spanish gem I cannot imagine improving on that yet. What is your other bespoke snuff?
  • time is the key. I used to think snuff was like pokemon where you had to have them all. The itch for variety dwindles a little especially when you discover how much insanely better bulk is. Not sure why but it's better then anything in a tin.
  • bespoke is just a by request. I think it's primarily British.
  • The Jasmine was inspired by a old snuff I never had as it went out of production before I was born and it sounded strange. It was Jasmine and latakia thinking about how that would work inspired mixing sambac (also called Arabian Jasmine although it's a more mountainous variety from Nepal primarily) with a smokey base. And damn it's insanely good. Might just be my taste though, it's easy for me to snuff 15 grms of just that one in a day.
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    @bob thank you for the pro tips and for the sense of solidarity knowing I am not alone in experiencing the urge to snatch up every offering. In light of your input I plan on a radical downward trend in variety henceforth, all bulk orders with a sample or two to try something new. Will have to read up on Kamal and Ganga. Just now warming up to Madras Toast. I hated it the first couple weeks. Almost tossed it, along with the Tom Buck if you can believe that. Thanks again.
  • the thing is these thing happen organically if they do. You eventually find snuffs you want to take more then you want to try something else and a month latter nothing about that has changed. And you go wow I always thought I would just cycle through as many snuffs as possible. It's kind of similar to what happens with the ladies, except you can look at other snuffs as much as you'd like.
  • though bulk really is better.
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    @bob true and very well made points. And it is always nice to know and consider what the process has been like for others. Just getting your thoughts snapped me out of tunnel vision. I was spending so much time thinking and obsessing about all the snuffs I have to choose from that I lost sight of the gifts right under my nose. Case in point, Spanish gem, to me, is not ,,just another snuff,, but I have been treating it that way. I have not been taking the time to really get to know any of my snuffs since I am always trying to move on to the next snuff and see what it is like. I greatly appreciate you sharing your thoughts and helping me see things from a new perspective. In the end it will, as you say, unfold as it needs too. Perhaps now with a tad more insight and broadened perspective :)
  • haha all my snuff sits in a pile of tins and tapboxes inside a little coleman ice-chest, the size that can hold a sixpack. Sometimes i will stack the same kinds together but that is of course ruined as soon as i move the ice-chest.
  • sitting with one snuff for a while opens up new details and notes.
  • Poorly lol. I have my bulk in jars in my dresser drawer and my carry tins chucked in the bottom drawer of my nightstand. Like bob, I have whittled it down to less than ten snuffs on hand so it is not hard to find a snuff when I
  • @captainblackboogers there is overwhelming evidence everywhere in this house of how much I love putting things up my nose.  Mrs. Haveawhiff would salute you for your responsibility, sir, as do I!

    @bob nice... trying this with Spanish Gem for a few days and am loving it

    @snuffmonkey I would have guessed trash sacks full of lime toast in your closet, lol!  One of my absolute favorites so far!  

    I appreciate everyone's comments.  Like Bob says I guess it's just a process that we all have to go through, from experimentation to simplification.  :)
  • @haveawhiffonme sadly I can not store citrus snuffs in plastic or that would be a viable option lol
  • @snuffmonkey oh yes I forgot. What sort of jars do you decant your bulk into?
  • @haveawhiffonme quart mason jars. One jar holds almost 450g of snuff. I just decant from that to my pocket tin and reorder when I get down to 50g or so. I use about 4g a day or so of my main snuff (this season is lime toast) so I am good for about four months or so on one bulk buy with a few small tins added in here and there.
  • I use these. Labeled in a plastic storage bin stored in the refrigerator. The smallest are .85 oz which hold 10 grams well, up to the 4 oz jars which hold 50 grams perfectly. Ill then fill up a snuff box for when Im out or a small airtight metal "jar" that holds a few days worth. Ive got some snuff that goes back to 2014 in storage, mostly molens.

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    @rostafn thanks for the link.  How is your snuff holding up in the long term?  Do you feel like it maintains its initial freshness after some years?  My next order will be a bulk order and I'm not sure whether to refrigerate the jar.  Some users here have expressed hesitation about storing snuff in the fridge due to condensation concerns, though I would suspect the fear applies more to toasts or SP's than say, schmalzlers.

    @snuffmonkey I read that toasts are supposed to be more resistant to spoilage than most other snuffs.  Are you happy with the how fresh the quart jars stored in your dresser are keeping the Lime Toast?   wonder how better or worse some other snuffs would fare. 

    When I was moving I found a tin of WoS 22 that had been open for 5 years and I carried it around with me for a couple weeks, but there was definitely something foul in it.

    Very curious about everyone's comments and advice on longevity with storage methods and types of snuff as the variables.  From what I've been able to find so far, results seem to vary widely and snuffs can get better after 30 years or spoil in a year.

    Maybe just have to chalk this all up as a crap shoot and enjoy the ride! 

  • @haveawhiffonme youre welcome. They are a bit expensive but have excellent customer service and good quality. Ive limited myself to not buying more snuff than I currently have jars for. Ill take a pic of everything I have soon. As far as longevity is concerned there is definitely a loss of flavor/scent, some more than others. Time can never add, it can only change and take away. My goal isnt aging necessarily, when I first started snuffing in 2014 I bought snuff then quit using it for a few years. The most important snuffs Im saving are from @snuffmiller since he doesnt make it anymore. Ill ocasionally take a spoonful from those. My F&T from 2014 all smell very similar now. A Paul Gotard Rhubarb snuff from then smells just as good now. Condensation won't be an issue as long as you let the jar warm up to room temp before opening. Cooler temps will slow down the evaporation of volatile oils. My 2017 snuffs seem just as good as new. I also try to minimize head space in the jars as oxygen leads to oxidation. I try and keep the bigger jars 98% plus filled with compressed snuff or transfer to multiple smaller jars to maintain fill level. @ar47 has a couple of mine from 2014 that he seems to be enjoying, one is a schmalzler.
  • SnuffMonkeySnuffMonkey Member
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    @haveawhiffonme I live in Florida so I take no chances. The jar seals out extra moisture and although the air in the house house is almost always running, it takes minutes for the house to become a humid mess if the air goes off/power goes out. Also, Toque uses natural flavors and I have found that the jar preserves the scent better than anything. Better safe than sorry, but I am not going for long term storage. I use what I buy and then buy some more. I prefer it that way.
  • How do I organize ... roughly :)

    I have a floor to ceiling closet about shoulder width and almost full of snuff. One shelf for each country, though UK has two - medicated and not. Then I also have a portable mini fridge where I keep the moist artisan snuffs (SWS CDF, Gadsden, some Rosinski)
  • 3 boxes i put mason jars and tins in.
    One for dark & moist snuffs, one for brown dry snuffs (Toque style) and one for the Indian Whites (+other indian snuffs but i only have white snuffs from Indian so far)
  • Keep bulk drums in a dark cupboard. Then put small jars and tins in 4 draws in our Welsh dresser. 1 draw for SP's, 1 for menthols, another for toasts & F&T tins and the last for fruit and other none mentholated snuffs.
  • i agree with alot on here. Depends on the snuff. Most dry snuff can be kept tight and dry in a dark cupboard ( like the 1lb tubs of F&T ). Everything else I decant into glass with conical gaskets and either put in cupboard or fridge ( depending on manufacturer and how likely to mold )
  • keeping them all airtight also is good for preventing cross- contamination with menthol types>
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