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What's in your Pocket/Waistband?



  • Tissues
    pipe tool/pen knife
    Wos Rose
    6P curry 
    Pinewood Ice
    Oliver Twist Royal
    Bernards F

    Suitably fortified I boldly approach the washing up.
  • shirt pocket snuff bullet with O&G, tin of WoS Africa.
    back pocket wallet, other side blue handkerchief
    front pocket, keys other side Benchmade 940
  • I've been working so much this week I I've forgotten to put many interesting things in my pockets! Got stereo-to-mono wired headset in my shirt pocket and a Toque Violet tin in my pants
  • Browne and Pharr pocket knife, lucky clover snuff box, a stone pipe and a small coin box with some herbal medicine.
  • image
  • ChapmanChapman Member
    edited January 15 PM
    The pocket knife I have had for years, but the snuff box is new to me. When it first came in the mail it would not hardly open, I kept taking tiny shavings off the lid until I got a better fit, where it had a good snap closed but also takes only minimal resistance to open. I think my snuff usage has gone up about a thousand percent since receiving this box in the mail.
  • edited January 15 PM
    I always have my Kaweco brass fountain pen in one of my pockets...

    @captainblackboogers I looked up that pipe you mentioned, looks like a really smart design...
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Tin of GH Cafe Regal & an empty Toque tin of SWS Fifty Fifty in the left, little 380 on the right

    Thinking of moving up to 45
  • To the left - Bernards F, St Clements, Nordwind, 6P Super Kailash.

    To the right dog poo bags, treats. House keys.

    For weaponry I'm considering a golf ball in a sock, the half brick being a bit big.
  • NTSU green, old pocket knife, no need to carry a pistol on the ranch! I live 3 miles from the nearest asphalt covered road. We can see any vehicle approach from about half a mile and besides, nobody steals horses anymore.
  • berwick brown, dr Rumneys brown, wallet, keys, vape
  • Today it was in my jeans

    Left Front Pocket:
    1 Tin Poschl Gawith Original

    Right Front Pocket:
    1 Metal Snuff Bullett filled with HDT
    1 Lip Balm
    1 Victorinox Rambler

    Left Back Pocket:
    1 pack handcerchiefs

    Right Back Pocket
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Kimber 45
  • 9mm FEG high power clone. Touque quit in right front pocket. Copenhagen southern blend in left front pocket. Wallet left rear pocket.
  • A small victorinox penknife with built in snuff spoon ( well, its really a cuticle pusher.)
  •   I have a jacket with many's pretty much my man purse

     4 pocket notebooks
      25g can of Toque Natural
      25g can of Toque Grapefruit
      10g can of Toque Rose
      3.5 (maybe)g container of my Indecision mix (haha)
      snuff box of mix of F&T French Carotte/ Toque Natural and a little Toque Rustica
      Bic lighter
      Car keys
        $5 bill
       mini hand sanitizer
       2 pens
       empty tiny glass bottle
       blue bandanna (for my nose)
  • Ben_MacMBen_MacM Member
    edited March 26 PM
    My pockets currently contain : HAND SANITIZER!!!....10g tin of Berwick Brown, acrylic bullet of Toque W & H, pen clip for my snuff spoon, pocket knife, handkerchief, pen, keys on my belt loop w caribener (sp?), phone, back pocket: wallet
  • JohanoJohano Member
    As a novice pickpocket, I find all this information quite useful >:)
    Be aware because I am running out of snuff...
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