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A kilo of ~Hedges for $60.00

I love Hedges L260, but it's expensive to get from the UK. So with the help of @volunge I have created a pretty close substitute. Oh, and it's wicked cheap to make.

1. Order a kilo of NC Madras snuff from for $40.00

My current recipe is NC Madras mixed with crushed menthol crystals, then add a few drops of the eucalyptus oil. Mix well, and that's it. 

NC comes in 50g tins so .5 gram of menthol makes makes it pretty potent. It does mellow out a bit once it's jarred up. 

For those who've not tried Hookah1, they have a modest selection of Indian snuffs at what I think are quite reasonable prices. 

Thanks again to Aidas for helping make this happen. Enjoy!
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  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 7 PM
    @Mecompco, great to hear it worked for you!

    Adding 1% (by weight) of lavender oil to your ready-made snuff would turn it pretty much Andre Arnold (Swedish Match) Kensington-like, which is another decent mentholated snuff. 0.5 g of lavender oil for 50 g of snuff.

    Endless possibilities of flavouring, actually.
  • Hmmm--lavender might be good, I've not tried any lavender snuff that I can recall. I'm going to see about hunting up other recipes, though I do like plain old Madras snuff pretty well. Ordered another two kilos of NC today and another half kilo of TPS and Himalaya, and Swastik (which I've not yet tried). Six or seven kilos should get me by a year to two, though it's surprising how quickly it goes. Now if I could find a deal on a kilo or two of White Elephant, that would be awesome.

    I'm hoping others try this and share recipes. I love Mr. Snuff, Toque and the rest but shipping is just so much and I do use a bit of snuff. I've not given up on making my own from scratch, but currently have too many projects going to research and set up a ball mill, etc. 

    Hand-crafted pens and other

  • Sounds like a winning recipe!
    Those are the same menthol crystals I use and have been very happy.


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