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Alien Plant

i used nicotina rustica seeds to plant this but wtf is that now?
the buds were tiny white and yellow and after ccutting they all puffed up like this overnight 




  • CobguyCobguy Member

    It sort of looks like a type of Fleabane but definitely not tobacco.

    I'd say the weeds took over your tobacco patch, unfortunately.


  • but they only grew where i sawed the seeds no other in garden
  • CobguyCobguy Member

    They must have liked that soil best!  :)
    Where did you get those seeds and did you directly sow them?  


  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited July 26 PM
    i sewed the seeds just sprinkling them ontop the soil
    last year i had legit tobaccco out of same seeds
    have a tendency to make grow plants strange around me
    my apple tree idintifies as a grape vine with tiny apples but lots (been twice but a storm took half away)

  • CobguyCobguy Member
    "I sewed the seeds just sprinkling them on top the soil"

    While that can work, it's not always successful.  What happened was your tobacco seeds did not germinate and the weeds took over.  Tobacco seeds need to be germinated in a warm, moist place and usually not transplanted until they are around 6-8 weeks old.  Nice looking apples though!  :)


  • volungevolunge Member
    @SunnyDay, this weed looks familiar to me, but I don't know it's name.
    Have you tried making snuff from your 2018 tobacco crop?

    @Cobguy, some fast maturing and frost resistant rustica (and tobacco) varieties perform good as self-seeders even in far northern latitudes. I've succesfully grown baccy in that manner for some years at 55N. Leaving some flowering plants untopped does it. It even spreads like a weed, migrating to neighbouring gardens. It used to be grown like that in European regions with colder climate, Germany including (small scale growing for own needs only). If they like the soil, they are stayers :)
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Agreed, that is not tobacco sir!
  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited July 27 PM
    @Volunge no just smoked it in my pipe had too much going on to proccess it further
    was good though i also made filter cigarettes with it gave one to my dad he said too strong he could not smoke it
    i harvested it and cut the plants a little above root level but they regrew and i harvested second time
  • volungevolunge Member
    @SunnyDay, smoke of pure rustica leaves can be almost suffocating, though it turns relatively lung-friendlier, mixed with crushed stems (that's a common practice among Russian growers). Untopped plants contain less nicotine. Green varieties are stronger than yellow. Surely, one can simply cut it with any weak tobacco, too.
  • i smoked some of it
    has kinda mind dulling sedating effect but need to investigate further could be placebo @-)
  • bobbob Member
    wait are you saying you smoked that weird alien plant? I hope not. That's the kind of thing that could sometimes be really bad. Sorry I just hope you didn't and at least found out a little bit about it before experimenting. 
  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited August 2 PM
    i did smoke that plant yes
    it kinda put me to sleep and it felt muscle relaxing
    the sleep could have been induced by the cheeseburger and fries i had too though I-)
    i have another unknown plant :
    seems to be american pokeweed but with unusual leaf shape

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 2 PM
    Phytolacca americana? Be careful. Whole plant is toxic and has mutagenic properties.
  • interesting
    second year it grows there

    i had a strange tree that grew from an empty unattended pot
    but sadly threw it away because of paranoia which isnt hard to understand if you see it ;D
    looked like it grafted itself with something with the stem above root split open and then it growing out


  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited August 3 PM
    smoking that alien weed is really not bad in a mix with tobacco and cannabis, kinda enhances it 
    definatly has an effect and so much flighty flower puff thinges on it i need to save the seeds of that
  • dan11dan11 Member
    edited August 3 PM
    That last picture is a horse chestnut tree. Which looks nothing like Cannabis, excepting the fact that some Cannabis leafs have 5 leaflets per leaf.
  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited August 3 PM
    small white and yellow buds looking like egg all puffed up like this after harvest
    fake wasps (flies that look like wasp) loved the buds


  • i did some more research smoking the leafs :P
    makes me very happy
  • Is this plant common in your neighborhood/vicinity?
  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited August 8 PM
    no i never seen this plant it only grew where i put the seeds
    i kinda just sprinkled the bought tobacco seeds on the soil i was going for a lazy whatever grow
    i grew some of the same seeds last year and it came out like tobacco
    its definatly psychoactive kind of like opium and weed mixed
    small amounts mixed with tobacco work
    tastes like plastic and smoking too much is nauseating but a little sprinkled into tobacco is great
  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited August 8 PM
    the effect is like 20 mins of "oh god this feels great" then followed by a kinda wholesome good feeling
    deminishes the need for nicotine like you dont feel like smoking
    its makes it easy to get lost into daydreaming but you can snap out of it and behave just normal
    music sounds great with it

  • The alien plant looks to me to be Marestail.
  • @cigargod that would be an interesting coincidence as the flowers are used to make a snuff that induces sneezing.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 14 PM
    @SunnyDay, I found both plants on my daily routes. The first one (''alien rustica'') is really abundant one, there are loads of them throughout Vilnius city and on the roadsides. Still, even elder acquaintances of mine don't know its name. Obviously, it's a feral weed, not a cultivar.

    I noticed the second one (pokeweed) lying cut on the ground near the fence of some living house. I have read that the juice of pokeweed berries can be used as ink, so I explored them a bit, crushing one between my fingers. Indeed, a very nice magenta colour! However, this ink reportedly turns brown fast and is prone to fading.


    Sorry for low-res.

  • This alien plant of yours fascinates me. You say it makes you feel wonderful and then sleepy?  Where can i get some?
  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited August 16 PM
    it has an effect makes me sleepy but i dont know why this grew from my rustica seeds  [-( its a mystery
    it only grew exatly where i spread the seeds i never seen it in the area before
    nice info @volange

    its glyphosate resistant
    here is a nice picture growing from concrete along with some weed


  • @SunnyDay can I ask what part of the world you live in? Not to be nosy, but possibly help ID the alien weed.
  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited August 16 PM
    is that normal ? ole faithful going hard this year, the tree is older than me and got cut down at one point to stump but regrew from it :x it has holes and is almost hollow inside i dunno how it pulls that off

  • This topic should be redirected over to gardening thread....
    I see these same weeds I do believe in spring/summer in my neighbors 40. I can ask him what they are and report back. Was curious as to how invasive and asked him awhile back but can't remember what he called it....
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