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Two new Fine Border snuffs.Toque Snuffs

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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Toque Points - are they obvious enough?

Our points system will have been running now for 10 years. A further 10% for loyal customers when you gain 100 points. 

Should we change it or are you happy as is?



  • If I had to choose between keeping a loyalty program and keeping prices low, I would choose the latter. @Roderick you should be commended for seeking feedback on this. A purveyor of snuff who I will not name recently raised prices and also suddenly eliminated their loyaly program (still no announcement). I like your way of doing business by maintaining customer contact.
  • juniorjunior Member
    Looking forward to getting enough to cash in
  • I have enough points to cash in. I just need the new snuff lines to appear.
    I rather like the points as it makes shipping essentially free.
  • Keep it as is, your prices are already low and the points are just a bonus. Through I dont have personal experience with toque and customs(my packages get in always) i know many canadians love you.

    Little off track but keep as it is and get me my new germanic rustica snuff damnitt!!!!!!
  • Ive made so many orders without having logged in first, I wonder what ive been missing out on, I would say Ive spent around 400 dollars or so.
  • Put simply Bob, $40.

  • Bob, and all that can prove your orders, that haven't had the benefit of points. Send me copies of your orders and I will credit you with those points. roderick @ toquesnuff . Com
  • @Roderick  You are such an awesome person.  We all appreciate you.
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