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Eye Infections and Snuff

heya folks so I wanted to ask if anyone has ever gotten eye infections from snufftaking as I've been getting quite a few eye infections (now 5 in a 12 month span) and was wondering if it could be from my snuff hobby. Any input is welcomed


  • Not this guy, but if your pinching snuff then sticking your finger in your eye it could make sense
  • When I blow my nose after snuffing, occasionally some ends up in my eye. I heard at least one other member describe the same thing.
  • Same here, if I'm not careful. Ick.
  • @Codyg140 thankfully I don't touch my eyes after I grab a pinch

    @SammyD13 Which member also experiences eye infections?

    @Epitango Do you also suffer from eye infections? if so what triggers them?
  • I don't. I just thought it sounded foolish, but then remembered the snot extravaganza I occasionally got in my eye.
  • @Lou_Bliss sorry I was meaning the snuff snot in the eye- not the eye infection.
  • Never had an whe infection in the last year of snuffing but I've definitely gotten snuff in my eyes and hair if not holding the tissue right while blowing
  • bobbob Member
    could be allergies. Some scents and pollen make my eyes go crazy. Very similar to an eye infection except that antihistamines fix it up and also it only last for a day or so instead of longer like an actual eye infection. One of the Freyburg & Treyer snuffs does this to me. Might be the issue. Otherwise not really seeing how they could be connected.  
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited February 14 PM
    Ross Nobel, is the man to talk to about snuff in the eye. Snuff would cure an eye infection not cause it. But, I would say that!
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Member
    edited February 15 PM
    Getting some in the eye when blowing the nose seems a likely culprit. Not the snuff, but the nasal mucosa that has attached to the snuff. The nose collects all kinds of microscopic nastiness from the air. The eye is not as well-equipped to fight microbes as the nose. For one thing, the nose has a barrier of mucus and cleans itself out on a more or less regular basis. On the other hand, particles (incluing microbes) can get stuck and caught in the eye area. Tear-ing is the only way for the eye to wash itself out, so to speak. The eye area has to fight off every intrusion and sometimes it cannot fight hard enough to prevent the spread of a microbe.
  • hmmm this is all very good information the reason why i was asking was due to my doctor telling me that i should stop using nasal snuff as it's causing my eye infections but I never really thought this was the case
  • Aye that person is me
  • bobbob Member
    @Lou_Bliss that is what I thought when I saw it.
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