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Congestion questions...

Hi Everyone,

I had a couple of questions regarding congestion. Specifically if anyone else in this group is experiencing similar symptoms to myself and any fixes (if any). I've read through the archives but can't seem to find any solutions or information.

I noticed about a few weeks ago that I was feeling symptoms of a head cold/sinusitis appearing and thought it was due to my travelling for work and what is commonly known as "convention flu". I didn't think twice about it and continued to take snuff in my usual manner until about a week and a half ago when my symptoms worsened to the point where I couldn't breath at all through my nose and had to discontinue my snuff taking.

Within two days my symptoms immediately began to subside and I thought that this cold thing must finally be breaking. Day three (today) my sinuses were clear and I didn't feel like my head was full of marbles until I took my first pinch. Immediately the same clogged nose, runny sinuses and stuffy head symptoms returned and I'm back to square one.

I've been neti-potting twice daily and don't take massive pinches. I've rotated between lightly scented, mentholated, toasts, shmalzlers  etc to try and find any correlation but so far there seems to be none.

Has anyone else experienced this? I fear that my body is rejecting the snuff and I will be forced to quit this awesome tobacco alternative before I even had a chance to begin. It could all just be the same continuous cold/sinusitis but I thought I'd try and poll fellow members here to see if anyone has ever experienced this or known someone who has and what the end result was.

Thanks for your consideration,


  • your body will get used to it. When I started snuffing I had the same thing. One part of it is just your body hasn't adapted fully. It passes also even if you don't try your technique will get better and you won't get as much snuff into your sinuses. But a big part of it is just getting used to snuffing. 
  • I started developing the same problem after snuffing a couple of years. My nose had become so jaded that I was taking much bigger pinches than in the beginning- and inhaling deeper. I would suggest shallow, very gentle sniffs. If the scent does not hold as long, you can take more frequent pinches. The key for me was minimizing the amount of snuff making up into the sinuses which is where the irritation was taking place. The neti pot is great- I also use an improvised version. Make sure the correct amount of salt is used, though. Too much or too little can itself cause irritation.
  • I just keep catching a new cold every week from my co workers. Usually some sudafed and a hot shower does the trick but if not then I switch to snus for a couple of days.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Take some fubar bohica mixed with some strong menthol snuff...that solved the problem for me. It's preferred to take it in a hot shower, cause your nose will be running as hell, and anything you've ever had enter your sinuses will come rushing out.

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