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famous snuff takers part 2 found this while looking for pictures of old snuff takers. How they hold the pinch. Well more when I find a good picture. But for now this is neat.


  • That's an amazing piece of work. Thanks for sharing @bob !
  • Zebra2374Zebra2374 Member
    edited December 2018 PM
    Musician, artist, provocateur, misanthrope and philosopher, Boyd Rice (NON) is very partial to Gawith Original. I was watching a documentary about him the other day which began with him entering a tobacconist and purchasing an entire box.

    He is then seen snuffing throughout the film.

    Most of you will have no idea who he is, but he's both famous and an extremely interesting character.
  • Oh I know who he is. He's expanded his snuffing palate since then. I think in part because I made fun of him for using that snuff a few times (the internet is weird). 
  • Zebra2374Zebra2374 Member
    edited December 2018 PM
    Excellent. =D>

    Nothing wrong with Gawith Original. Good snuff.
  • that's not what I told him though.

  • it's an alright snuff but it's sad to think there are snuffers that don't know what options are out there.
  • What's even sadder is how few tobacco users even know what snuff is. To think of all the years I puffed away on nasty tasting cigarettes when I could have had an orange orchard in my nose! :-(
  • @Notalynn I agree. Or if they do know about it they don't realize how good it actually is. I actually never intended to even quit smoking cigarettes. It was more like the longer time went on the more I craved snuff and snus.
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