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Buy over $20.00 and get free cookies. - Ukrainian snus

volungevolunge Member
edited November 2018 in General
Stumbled upon this website a few days ago.

Not much information there, saving this presentation, hiding in "About" section:

I got intrigued and immediately requested a price-list, shipping coverage and costs. Got a super fast and informative default reply, which resulted in mixed feelings. Being a fan of los, I was excited by the large variety of loose snus this small, Kiev-based manufactory makes - 37 different flavours and 3 types of grind - and the fact that these guys do ship worldwide (EU including). On the other hand, I was saddened by the price - EUR 7.00 (USD 8.00/GBP 6.15) per 50 g can / EUR 65.00 (USD 74.00/GBP 57.00) per roll. Shipping up to 500 g to the EU costs EUR 13.50, to the US and the UK - USD 20 / GBP 15.50.

And the hotest part: offers inexpensive 'premium' tobacco powder for DIY snus (EUR 15.00 per 0.425 kg) and a snus blending kits (EUR 17.00 plus delivery to EU 17.50 EUR).


  • Wow, this sounds amazing, but I couldn't find a list of their snus varieties on their site. Did you? And if so, could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2018 PM
    @Shavasana, just shoot them an email at, they will send you the list and their whole policy.

    Some flavours are unique: wormwood, chimo (yes, snus with the addition of Chimo El Toro!), bacon, juniper (with real berries), jasmine tea, to name but a few.

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