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New Snuffer Here with some questions...

Hello All!

Thank you so much for all the invaluable information on this forum :) I am relatively new to snuffing (tried a bunch of times for the hell of it) but recently I noticed I am leaning more and more towards it as a great source of vitamin N. Have a few SD tins and an order from Toque on it's way.

I did however have a few questions regarding the usage of snuff and hygiene etc...

1) What do you all do with the snuff left over in your nose, and is it ok to leave in for extended periods of time? I have read here that many of you take a pinch before bedtime for some dream enhancement effects, but doesn't that get messy as you sleep or plug you up something terrible in the morning?

2)How long do the flavours last for you? I know this is somewhat of a subjective question but I am curious if there is an average time that the flavour lasts, and more importantly, do you go "flavour blind" after prolonged use of snuff and require larger hits to taste the same profiles?

3) Any online stores in Canada or the US that carry and ship great variety? I don't mind ordering from Toque but I would like to know what else exists out there.

4) Any must have accessories and reliable placves to source? So far I see only bullets and such (looking for a box of sorts).

Thank you all so much!


  • 1. Nice steamy shower.

    2. It is a number of factors, but I find it to be the individual snuff. Some go quick, some seem to hang around forever.

    I rotate my snuffs so it isn't a problem.

    3. I wouldn't know. The Northerners ships from both the US and Europe. I use Mr. Snuff and Snuffstore almost exclusively.

    4. I use conveniently sized empty tins. A couple of 5g tins for example. You might want to order small samples of a wide variety at first till you figure out the type of snuffs you prefer. Just keep the tins or pots.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    @NiagaraSnuffer I second AgentSmith's points 2 and 3.

    For 1, I prefer rinsing my nose throughout the day and before going to bed. Occasionaly blowing the nose does the trick, too. Never found the snuff working as a dream enhancer (I rarely dream or recall dreaming).

    3 -, along with the previously mentioned vendors.
  • Thanks @AgentSmith and @volunge for the feedback!
  • If your a canuck stay away from northerner for snuff, always seems to get taxed. Mr.snuff and toque i've had great luck with and seems fresher then northerner
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    1) Flush out the nose and sinuses with warm saline and blow nose gently. Or at least blow the nose and clean the nostrils with a tissue regularly. If neither of these is done, accumulated snuff can snuff out the olfactory receptors. Some snuffers don't seem to find these things necessary as their systems clean themselves well on their own.

    2) Staying power for snuff scent varies widely between different snuffs. It varies with an individual snuff too as some scents fade as the snuff ages. Some people seem very sensitive to snuff scents, whereas others (like myself, unfortunately) are not.

    3) If you want a large variety of snuffs from an online retailer in the U.S. or Canada, you are out of luck. Lil' Brown Smoke Shack offers some Wilsons and U.S. snuffs, though.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    When I started snuffing I thought all sorts of nasal hygiene would be necessary.

    I just blow my nose a few times through the day, and in the mornings load with menthol before getting on the shower for a real thorough blow. On real heavy snuff sessions yeah I might grab a big ball from the front of each nostril - I have a fancy dish for that :D

    In 7 months of constant snuffing I havent had to use a netipot. Would probably be nice, just not a requirement. Personally I stay away from smokey snuffs because, though I enjoy several of them, I find they hurt my sense of smell. Maybe like Sam says if I flushed afterward it wouldn't be an issue.

    As for how long flavors last, there are a Lot of variables. Top of mind is your environment - if your inside all day try taking a walk outside and the scent of the snuffs in your nose will open up in new ways.
  • Thanks @ar47

    So to clarify then, the actual snuff itself doesn't just magically disappear in your nose right? (lol) Somehow someway it has to make its way out? I guess because I don't pinch large amounts yet I don't find much residue even when blowing my nose - but in larger quantities it will have to be removed.
  • your nose constantly drains into the stomach don't worry you breath in things way grosser then snuff all of the time. 
  • I recently picked up a cheap saline nasal rinse from the local pharmacy because I got tired of having a clogged nose every morning, and it solved the issue nicely.  I do one quick flush of each nostril before going to bed.
  • bobbob Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    Generally treat your nose as you would have before. You don't need to clean it but if it's bothering you then go for it. As you snuff more you'll get better at it and your nose will get more used to it too. Best not to fuss too much about it and just play it by ear and comfort. 
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    BTW I don't just take a pinch before bed, it's a no-holds-barred snuff-athon every night!

    Like @bob says your nose gets acquainted to snuff. I remember how menthols used to clog me. Now they open my nose as wide as it can be, saying: Please sir can I snuff some more? :D Even perception of scents change - some snuffs that smell off to start after a few sessions become prized aromas. I call it the nose learning there's nicotine in the snuff
  • Potable tap water works good, too. I mean, if you drink it, you can rinse your nose with it.
  • Thanks @bob, @Thepeug, @ar47, @volunge again for all your input and advice!

    I'm a hardcore high nicotine vaper and dip into my pouches of Redman often but found that I like the idea of snuffing as a more discreet method of feeding my fiendish nicotine habit lol 

    Hardest part is waiting on my orders to drop to Canada from across the pond!!!

  • I'm well known on here for my "Neti pot". I love them. Google "Neti Pot" if you haven't come across them.

    I stopped using non-mentholated snuff at night as the dreams were just too weird. However, strangely I can take menthols at night and sleep like a log. No dreams, just deep sleep. 

    I don't know what happens at night as I wake up in the morning and there is no snuff on the pillow or in the bed. I know some will think this revolting but, we're all family here. I think I swallow it as a nasal drip.

    I can't really comment on other makers however, all ours are 100 percent natural flavourings so, some last for ages and others, like grapefruit, disappear very quickly. I just don't want to stick chemicals up my nose.

    I am told our shipping prices are so cheap you can ship from the UK cheaper than you can if you ship US to US.

    A good snuff tin is a must, but keep a labeled tin with you at all times. I once got questioned by the police in an English pub and it was only because an older officer new what snuff was that I wasn't marched off to the police station.

    Welcome to the snuff club.
  • @Roderick Thank you so much for the response! I actually am patiently stalking the post for two orders I placed on your site :) I know I am super excited to try the plentiful options but knowing me, will have to order again soon. Good to know that your flavourings are 100% natural - it gives me some more peace of mind as to what exactly I am huffing up my nose.

    I will let the forum know my thoughts once the order arrives and thanks again!
  • @Roderick other snuffs probably lightly inhibit air flow when you're sleeping nothing serious but enough that your system is on alert in case it does get serious. That's the most likely reason for menthol being better for your sleep. Either that are you're just a weirdo.
  • Maybe the mentholated has a quicker nicotine uptake that levels off quickly. A boost in 5-ht can cause strange dreams and nicotine can do that.
  • Seems like we are getting a lot more Canadians here. I love it. XD
  • @NiagaraSnuffer

    1) place right hand thumb over right side blow hole and blow repeat process on left side using left thumb... now heres the good part... refill immediately! As far as dreams I can not for safety reasons condone or recommend what follows but it is well known in these parts that if you run out of Dreamcatcher snuff, you may have to enhance your snuff with a snus packet of your choice to reach nicotine induced dream clarity.

    2) The first half has been answered and I could add nothing to the wisdom of my more learnered compatriots. However as far as the second part of the question I do go "flavor blind" from time to time. What I do is lower the amount I take at one time forcing my senses into overdrive trying to locate the scent profile my brain knows is in there. I know it doesn't make sense to me either but it works for me.

    3) All my snuff comes from Mr. Snuff.

    4). I would consider a box of some type and a spoon important to have. I mainly pinch but I use the boxcar with my "artisan" snuffs and to fill the car I use the spoon.

    I hope I have helped in some fashion and if not I am sorry for wasting your time however it did kill about 15 minutes of my time which means I am that much closer to tonight nicotine induced dream. I do hope I pick up where I left off last night!!!!

  • @niagarasnuffer for number 3 you used to be able to get tins at tobacconists around Toronto. Anything they have will be way way past prime. Best source is @roderick and @mrsnuff for the years I have been at it. Plan your orders, order in advance of what you think you will want. Sometimes it comes quickly, sometimes it takes forever. Welcome btw
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