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Rosinski Green snuffs are back

Full range of fresh green snuffs - Driesener, Morgentau, Nordisch Grun and Nordwind - is available at Rosinski webshop again:


  • Nice! Having only tried Nordwind myself, are there others people have sampled here and recommend?
  • edited October 2018 PM
    very cool. driesener is your most interesting sounding variety and i thought i had missed out on it. i am a fan of the nordwind.

    brief descriptions of those varieties either here or on your website would be appreciated and would surely help you sell more of the stuff. the descriptions for the varieties sold on snuffstore and mrsnuff are very concise and um descriptive? lol i'm dumb.
  • Really enjoying Morgentau, it's like a good cup of tea in my nose.
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