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Venturing into the dark...

...dark snuffs, that is!  I'm relatively new to snuff, and having only tried fine, dry snuffs (Swisher Starr, Superior, Three Thistles Strong, and Toque Rustica), I thought I should try some darker blends.  Just received my order of Viking brown, NTSU black, and Poschl Ozona President from Mrsnuff.  The Viking and NTSU are currently decanting while I pop in a pouch of Siberia -80 degrees white dry portion.  

I have to yet to actually feel the nicotine from any snuff, but this Siberia is no joke!  Very comfortable pouch, and none of the throat burn that I get with General original portions.  Plus, I'm not a fan of the bergamot flavor that characterizes General.  But the nicotine from this Lord!  Hello, Vitamin N!


  • Welcome to the Dark Side!  
  • enjoy.  It is good to try different types of snuff. As you never know what you'll like or how it will hit you. 
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Once you go black you never go back..yeah, dark snuffs can be delicious! The ones I've tried have been fairly moist, good grind, medium-coarse, so they're very easy to take, and have had a good amount of nicotine. You're in for a world of pleasure.

  • I started out only liking fine, fair, and dry and now tend to prefer coarser, darker, and moister. It is a great idea to try a wide variety of snuffs, because that is the only way to know what you prefer.
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