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Chew sucks

Alright, so Im quitting snus. It has been a process. Went from big nic till low and ran out of snus so switched to my dip i had.

Well im long outa dip. Chew has no nicotine, im using it to quit.

My question is, why do people use this?

It is sweet and sticky so you know it sucks for your teeth


  • Nah it does though. I'm on the road for work. And chew does NOTHING.

    I have my snuff with me and have yet to use it.

    Its saved for class.

    Work on the rail way, and thats how it is
  • I agree that dip sucks. CHEW on the other hand is capable of delivering a truckload of nicotine. I haven't used either in 35 years though.
  • Why not snuff again? Snuff is cheap!

    When I was a (Grizzly + Cope) dipper I ended up switching to chew and didn't notice not being able to get enough satisfaction from it. You do have to use a lot more volume of tobacco. Think about a tin of dip and a bag of chew as the same amount of servings. If the chew bag is 5 times bigger, put 5 times as much chew in your mouth as you would dip :)

    As for the teeth ... I always felt Redman was gentler on my gums than dip. Sure the sugar has its effects but so does the sugar in a piece of gum or a donut. You can brush your teeth if your gums don't give them up!
  • It is possible the problem is in the way you are using the chew. You don't really chew it the whole time its in your mouth, in fact most of the time it kind of sits in your cheek the same way dip would. And I agree with ar57 you would usually use a much larger amount of chew than dip.

    There is also the possibility, that it just doesn't quite float your boat! And I see nothing wrong with that either.
  • bobbob Member
    chew has nicotine it's released more slowly then it is with dip. For several reasons. But it's there. I've always found that chew to have a more pipe like buzz which you get from a slower entry of nicotine into your system. If you are used to nicotine getting into your system faster then a slower release won't cut it as quickly. There are all kinds of biological and neurological reasons for that, however it means if you stick to chew for a while you'll start feeling satisfaction but your body has to get used to the slower release. Or in other words it's not chew, it's you. 
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    I always got plenty of nic from chew...then again i get plenty of nic from alll oral forms of tobacco...

  • So went through another day with nothing, carried a snuff box incase i realllllly needed it, but used no tobacco at work.

    Tossed in a plug of stokers, chew is just not for me.

    Got a cheek of it in and I really dont get nothing from it, not going to lie i like the whole spit part of it.

  • @Codyg140 fair enough and to each their own.

    BUT ( :D ) if you're not loading both checks like a squirrel you shouldn't write it off yet just for lack of nicotine! What are you chewing?
  • Lol i will admit not loading up both cheeks.
  • Not sure why photo aint working but its stokers wild cherry.

    As for dip, i love dip. But as a guy with a wife who stays at home with 2 kids and a can of dip being about $23 in Canada i gotta kick my oral tobacco habit. Wish i didnt have to but thatsthe way the world is
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 2018 PM
    @Codyg140 Have you tried Belgian or Indian maklas?
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