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First 100 customers get free White Fox snus!

Handsome Indian Snuff Tins

I have an empty tin of White Elephant displayed on the shelf with some knickknacks. I'm a fan of Indian Snuffs (6 Photo, especially), but I'm not a heavy enough snuffer (really a snuser) to buy anything larger than the tiny plastic tubs for sniffing. That said, I love the art on the little 6 Photo labels. Do the larger sizes come in printed tins like the White Elephant? How big of a tin do I need to order to add another "objet d'art" to my shelf? If anyone can provide photos of handsome Indian snuff tins, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, y'all!


  • Thanks for liking 6 photo !

    Check out this link to our website

    Happy snuffing !
  • bobbob Member
    I'd say buy the biggest tins possible split the snuff up and send the portions to random snuffers. You will become part of the mythology of snuff taking and in one hundred years Shavasana will be like a snuffy Santa Claus.
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