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Toque new range - is Simpson's a good English name?



  • How many different snuffs will be in this new line?
  • 6
  • That has to be the smallest post ever.
  • 4
  • smaller by 2
  • LOL!
  • Can we all take you up on that bet @TheOneandOnly ? I'll bet at those odds on Toque every time!

    @Roderick godspeed sir, we are all pumped up excited for the new snuffs. My nose gets crabby from the wait
  • 5 deadlines ago - sounds like my thing.
  • rostanfrostanf Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    @ar47 I have a feeling that "the one and only" critic of missed deadlines won't honor the bet when he loses.
  • GlasgowSnuffGlasgowSnuff Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    Not aiming this comment at anyone in particular but I think some of those posting negative comments should be a wee bit more supportive of Roderick. At the end of the day we all enjoy a product that is pretty niche to say the least. Let us not forget the recent cull and lost favourites. Bringing a new range of products to the market should be applauded. I have no ties to Roderick or Toque in fact now I have said my piece i am about to enjoy some WOS crumbs of comfort
  • Thanks Glasgowsnuff a very evenly made point.  It is very true when the EU is stopping us from having lots of sorts/flavours I am very happy to tell Brussels to get lost and I promise to keep sending to all my friends in Europe.  

    I should also say I know the OneandOnly loves me really and I'd never take their (politically correct) money, plus I am so very glad he (they) didn't offer the bet 5 months ago cause I'd have probably taken it.  

    It is only the labels we are waiting for. I've just seen the new proofs and I really like them. I have confirmed they are a goer and we should have them first week in October, photos have to be taken and then posted on our website.  It really can't be that long.
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    edited September 2019 PM
    @GlasgowSnuff... You should see the comments I deleted!

  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    The pot has been stirred, but nothing has burned, and we can all dig in soon :)>-
  • Do you ever read some peoples posts and think to yourself, I bet this guy has never been punched in the face?

  • What does happy have to do with anything?
  • It was a pretty straight forward comment the common man would understand.
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    edited September 2019 PM
    Hey @TheOneandOnly... you are certainly entitled to your opinion, feel free to send Togue hundreds or even thousands of private emails explaining your opinion, no one could care less. 
    If you want to post here you'll post according to our guidelines. If you don't like it, then leave.
    Otherwise, I'll happily delete your account for you.  
  • Man, I saw 37 new posts on this thread and just about died thinking I missed the announcement.

    Ohhh well, gives me time to save some bucks for my order when they come out next month.

    Hey Roderick, getting a vasectomy on November 5th, so if I could have these for when I'm stuck on the couch for a week...that would be fantastic :-D
  • I don't know what year these posts are from, I just went to Toque's website and did not see any new snuffs. So what is this talking all about?? I don't get it. Is Roderick waiting for Brexit before new products are released?
  • I think he's not happy with the stickers for the tins.


    Like anything could matter less...
  • @moemojo depends on how much a shitload of custom stickers cost ; ). I get your drift though, we'll want it no matter what they look like.
  • rostanfrostanf Member
    edited October 2019 PM
    @mrmanos @Roderick is releasing a new line of snuffs this month (oct 2019). He has had to postpone the release for various and sundry reasons. There has been one member who has been particularly "vocal" with his disdain regarding the delays.
  • @markmcsnuffin or has been punched in the face "for no reason."
  • Can't wait to try it when it comes out Roderick
  • BrycetonBryceton Member
    edited July 26 PM
    Hope I'm not pouring salt on an old wound here, but I'm intrigued; did "RL'S Signature" ever come out?
    I'd certainly be interested.

  • It's still on the cards but I can't give you any dates yet.
  • Call it Churchill
    Or Rodericks Own
  • DeezDeez Member
    Big Johnson would be a great name
  • fredhfredh Member
    I still like calling it Russell or, perhaps, Bertrand, after the great British philosopher Bertrand Russell, the life long pipe smoker and tobacco lover.
  • I take it..... 'CORNWALLIS'... is out of the question?
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