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Toque new range - is Simpson's a good English name?



  • LOL! Yep, He's right. However, as soon as the labels come back from the printer the tins are ready and they will go out.  

    For the Private Eye readers amongst you, you will know I have had a hard month politically. And the coming month could be even harder. Don't worry OTTO will be launched as will our secret project.
  • @Roderick sorry about our plot to make you Prime Minister. Sorry.
  • LOL!
  • @Roderick sorry to be nosy but Private Eye?
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    I am heavily involved in the Conservative party in the UK and was kicked out of my Country by the EU, hence my move to the Isle of Man.  I suffer bad press for being still involved in UK politics when I live elsewhere, officially another Country. 
  • LOL! Unsurprisingly no! I'm as frustrated as everyone else.
  • This thread started over a year ago! :-O
  • pretty sure Roderick doesn't get off on this, yet I can see how some people might project that since there are people that clearly get off on finding something to be miserable about and minor inconveniences to bitch non-stop about. Thankfully no one that lame would find their way here.
  • @Roderick if you get into politics you're gonna piss someone off. 
  • @bob lol. Agreed and thankful that we don't have any complaining, negative a-holes on snuffhouse.
  • I'm that way, but not about snuff. :P
  • @rostanf there must be something about snuffing that just doesn't agree with such types. 
  • @Roderick Karen wants to speak to the manager... again.
  • A new range sounds great, I respect that everything has to be just right. I have since moved to the US so I will need a shipment of whatever magic you are working on Sir @Roderick
  • Knights of Ni!!!!!
  • sure people can do what they want. Including calling out people they think are acting lame. Especially when they're single minded and never talk about anything else or have a special account for complaining.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    All I know is, if it's good (and fresh), everybody's going to forget about the release controversy- even if it takes another year. Let's just hope it's good and fresh when it does come out. Plus, the longer you're deprived of something, the sweeter possession becomes.
  • And as I said I'd rather wait a little longer for a snuff to come out then for it to come out and then disappear because the marketing and packaging doesn't generate enough interest. And most snuffers don't go onto a site like this and read reviews, they look at packaging and sellers descriptions. 
  • @bob I wish there was a breakdown of who reads reviews versus who doesnt. Better believe Im reading every review, searching Snuffhouse AND checking youtube for a video, lol. I may be lying to myself but It seems to reduce the amount of times Ive been dissapointed with a purchase. I think samplers and pot lucks are the only time Ive really been unhappy and usually with just a small portion.
  • God, I love you guys. Even theoneandonly. How many companies/company directors get to be so close to their customers that they think of them as friends?
  • Does Brexit have any potential impact on the labeling?

    Wait - Roderick said he's into UK politics. @Roderick are you withholding the new snuff line as political capital with parliament??
  • fredhfredh Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    @TheOneandOnly, there is no doubt that you have cojones and you have made your point quite well. In my interactions with @Roderick, he has been a straight forward, stand up guy who is respectful to all of us. May I ask you to please give him a break, and give him some consideration in his efforts to enhance our enjoyment of snuff? I think he deserves our respect and consideration, don't you think?

    You obviously have a great talent for expressing your feelings when you are disappointed. If you don't mind a cheap suggestion, perhaps you could turn your skills toward politicians in a non-snuff context?
  • Snuff should not be optional in the House of Commons it should be mandatory. Sorry if that is political. Roderick you are a legend and that is a fact.
  • I check in from time to time to see progress, all in good time. It will be ready when it is ready. Thanks for your hard work @roderick because I cannot make snuff lol
  • I think there must be some tax, trade, labeling or certification benefits with Brexit that @Roderick 's holding out for! So just wait until Halloween :)
  • I think we need some annual Halloween snuffs.
  • I have to agree with GlasgowSnuff. If more politicians took a moment to take a snuff there is a slim chance they might gain some of their senses back.....
  • I know how is Roderick going to compete with all the other snuff makers that constantly roll out new snuffs all the time.... Oh wait that's not happening.
  • Guys,

    I promise you OTTO is coming.  Yes, I know I am a perfectionist, but would you want me any other way? Everything is ready, the labels really look good and modern, the flavours knock the spots off their competition, the schmalzler is the only one that is bothering me.  

     Yes, I make snuff for German companies, but I don't make schmalzler I have to get this right.  I have to get this perfect.  I want every German snuffer to say this is the best Schmalzler he has ever tried.  It is a homage to history, it is a snuff of legend. You can sense plums, stewed fruit, butter and the finest tobacco man can blend.

    It will be out next month. I promise.
  • TheOneandOnly, you're on.
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