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Two new Fine Border snuffs.Toque Snuffs

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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Toque new range - is Simpson's a good English name?



  • Yes, It's been a tough one this. It's all my fault, I know I'm too much of a perfectionist. 
  • chrischris Member
    I am sure that it will be worth the wait. 
  • bobbob Member
    seriously rather have something proper that has the most potential to sell. You know do the thing that it needs to keep the company functioning and financial strong enough to do things like invest time and money into new products and grow. You know instead of having something less then satisfactory thrown out the door to appease impatience of people who probably will skitter off to the next hobby when they're no longer stimulated. I mean all things considered waiting a little bit longer while slightly annoying is certainly the better alternative. And guess what labels make a fucking huge difference in how well a product sells. Sure what's in the product has to be up to snuff to continue selling. But in a market place with costumer choice a label can peak interest. And guess what most snuff takers aren't on forums discussing the finer points of these snuffs.   
  • Thanks, Bob.
  • Chris, I hope you are right.
  • bobbob Member
    @Roderick of course, it is always important to consider the big picture and the other parties needs and perspective. And I know you already know how chomping at the bit us crazy snuffers are.
  • See you guys in September. When another deadline passes.
  • Theoneandonly,

    Please keep the faith. We are almost there and I promise it is worth waiting for.
  • For the record I'm running out of oral tobacco and need to make another order of snuff soon since I don't plan on returning to snus anymore.

    Sure I got lots of rustica and ambrosia left but still need to spend my money somewhere
  • @theOneandOnly even so, we'll be here, patiently understanding that things happen.
  • Happy September guys.. No snuff and another deadline passes.. just sayin'.
  • LOL! Yep, He's right. However, as soon as the labels come back from the printer the tins are ready and they will go out.  

    For the Private Eye readers amongst you, you will know I have had a hard month politically. And the coming month could be even harder. Don't worry OTTO will be launched as will our secret project.
  • bobbob Member
    @Roderick sorry about our plot to make you Prime Minister. Sorry.
  • LOL!
  • @Roderick sorry to be nosy but Private Eye?
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited September 3 PM
    I am heavily involved in the Conservative party in the UK and was kicked out of my Country by the EU, hence my move to the Isle of Man.  I suffer bad press for being still involved in UK politics when I live elsewhere, officially another Country. 
  • So much for a summer time release.. see guys in October now....I wonder if Roderick gets off on this..?
  • LOL! Unsurprisingly no! I'm as frustrated as everyone else.
  • This thread started over a year ago! :-O
  • Yea but Roderick never misses a deadline! Hahahahahaha
  • bobbob Member
    pretty sure Roderick doesn't get off on this, yet I can see how some people might project that since there are people that clearly get off on finding something to be miserable about and minor inconveniences to bitch non-stop about. Thankfully no one that lame would find their way here.
  • bobbob Member
    @Roderick if you get into politics you're gonna piss someone off. 
  • @bob lol. Agreed and thankful that we don't have any complaining, negative a-holes on snuffhouse.
  • I'm that way, but not about snuff. :P
  • bobbob Member
    @rostanf there must be something about snuffing that just doesn't agree with such types. 
  • I must have some cojones to call out a vendor instead of mindlessly worshipping them. As a customer, I can do that.
  • @Roderick Karen wants to speak to the manager... again.
  • A new range sounds great, I respect that everything has to be just right. I have since moved to the US so I will need a shipment of whatever magic you are working on Sir @Roderick
  • Knights of Ni!!!!!
  • bobbob Member
    sure people can do what they want. Including calling out people they think are acting lame. Especially when they're single minded and never talk about anything else or have a special account for complaining.
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