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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Toque new range - is Simpson's a good English name?



  • Please.
  • The last time I looked a few months ago I didn't see any new ones. I kind of gave up, but I would like to see a new snuff for sure. My local shop stopped selling Toque and Silver Dollar last year. They said the FDA demanded they return all their unsold stock because it didn't meet the new government standards. Now all sell is Mc Chrystal's OandG.
  • Snuffs are going well. Labels are being ordered end of this week or early the following week depending on the designers. The 'OTTO' range will be first followed a few weeks later by 'RL'S Signature' range. I'd look out for the 'OTTO' in April and 'RL's Signature' in May.
  • juniorjunior Member
    Look forward to trying them. Even though there is a lot of the old range I haven't tried
  • bobbob Member
    funny how now I feel impatient.
  • Any updates?
  • Ahhhhh quit bumping this thread, I die a little everytime it pops up with new posts
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited April 19 PM
    Ah, but you are so wrong! Look at the other posts. Not only have we brought out a number of new snuffs but,,,,OTTO is coming out this month. The snuff is ready to go, we are just waiting for the labels to arrive. We have 7 new snuff sorts for you to love..... or hate.  And yes, I care deeply. Snuff is my livelihood, my passion and my existence. 
  • Ooh, a troll! We haven't had one of those round here for years. :))

    Ambrosia is not five years old, and is one of the best snuffs to hit the scene for a long time. Roderick cares more about his business and customers than most producers seem to, not just in listening and engaging with his client base, but also enough to uproot his entire life and family, to relocate to another country, in order to continue the great snuffs and vibrant creativity that he is known for.

    If he says it will happen, it will happen.
  • Moderators keep deleting my posts.. sorry, I suppose that in order to not keep my comments being deleted I guess you have to kiss ass around here..
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    Just don't be an asshole, that's all.

  • 50ft Trad..sometimes a business owner has to listen to negative responses. Business and commerce is not all roses and puppies.. sometimes clients are upset, and that's the way it is.
    Uprooting? From the UK to the Isle of Man? Give me a break, that's like me relocating from New York to Connecticut..As far as Ambrosia, sure it's great, it's the only thing to hit the scene in a long time.
  • Wasnt the move to isle of man so loosen regulations over flavours? Or am I making that up
  • Cody, you are correct. Stay in the EU and we would have to pay 125GBP's per flavour, per size, times 28 countries. 2.8 million euros. That is why most of the EU snuff companies have dramatically reduced their ranges and sizes. Of course Germany has said we control the EU so we're not paying. Good for them. Britain, on the other hand, is led by a very weak leader and unfortunately has lost its bottle and does everything the EU tells it to do.
  • bobbob Member
    edited April 20 PM
    @TheOneandOnly well if you continue to be incapable of telling the difference between negative responses that pertain and just being a troll we won't miss you at all. Just a little heads up. If you can tell the difference I am sure you'll be another interesting addition here. What's funny is you can dislike the companies that advertise here, you can critique their products and their services. It happens all the damn time really. Hell you've clearly not paid attention if you have not noticed this happening. Again if you can't tell the difference between what you're doing and having a negative opinion, you might just want to pack up now. Cause you do that now and people forget about you, you don't people will end up using you as an illustration of how proper moderation allows trolls to stay just long enough to become one of those long running joke. Now you should be able to figure this all out and see if this is the forum for you or not.
  • Oneandonly, we are a great community here. Forum members are not only my customers, but my friends. 

     I have a chin as solid as oak and actually welcome constructive criticism. Our greatest snuffs have been created with sample panels made up of members here and by members asking for bespoke sorts that have become legendary. 

     However, we are gentlemen one and all. I am sorry and strangely, delighted that you are so upset at the time it has taken to get our new snuffs ready for market. For the Time it has taken, I am man enough to apologise.

    Please stay with us, post as a gentleman and don't worry even my wife won't "Kiss ass". Quite honestly, I don't blame her.

    And thanks to all for all your help.
  • No need to thank me, Roderick. I didn't just say it because you're a friend, but because I genuinely believe you'll come through with the goods. I also know that like me, you've had a lot to deal with of late, and have an appreciation for some of what you've been through. I have relocated a business before, and know all the logistical, staffing, and infrastructure hurdles can be very demanding and challenging. I've also had my own family issues, and personal health challenges to wrestle with. You've come through for us before, and I know you will again. For the most part, we're cheering you on, and will be ready to receive when things eventually come to fruition.

    OneandOnly, there is a right way and a wrong way of showing your displeasure and frustration. Roderick will always respond, and apologise where necessary, when complaints are put to him the right way. The moderators here are very lenient, as they quite rightly expect us to self moderate to a large extent, but they will come down on you if you do it the wrong way. This isn't Twitter, nor Facebook. We're more grown up than that. Give praise where deserved, and criticism where due too, but please do so with dignity and due decorum. What Roderick has done, is more like moving from the US to Canada. It's just next door, but a whole different legal structure, with a whole different pattern of taxes, tariffs, and import and export rules. Many similarities but many differences too. If you're unhappy with his progress, tell him like a gent or lady, and he will respond like one.
  • Snuffers like pipe smokers are generally patient people. I have been checking the forum once a month for updates on this. When it is meant to be, it will happen. Like actually being able to buy penzance or stonehaven
  • bobbob Member
    @canadiansnuffer that is so true except when our package is in the mail and one day late getting to us. Then we get very impatient. :)
  • KhefKhef Member
    @bob True
  • TheOneandOnlyTheOneandOnly Member
    edited April 24 PM
    Cant wait to place my order for the new snuffs at latest 7 days from today. Lol probably not though. Any bets?
  • Pessimism be damned!  :))
  • I occasionally check the toque site, juuuust incase they launch it before I read it here
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited April 24 PM
    Oneandonly, Dam you if you are not right!
    We've got the labels and they are terrible! I'm not sure how to put them on here but, if someone can tell me how I will post them so you can all see why I don't want to go with them. We have commissioned a new designer to come up with better labels and hope to have them out in early May.

    Dam if this isn't what I wanted to have to write. Oneandonly, you of all people will understand just how much I wanted to get these out now.

    I so childishly wanted to rub your face in my new snuff, but as I am such a perfectionist I just can't.

    Guys, I'm so sorry. I just hope they will be worth your patience.
  • A Limited Edition label would work for me.
  • KhefKhef Member
    @Roderick Whatever you come up with; I'm sure it will work for the majority of us.
  • LiamLiam Member
    if at any point in time you resuscitate wos chocolate orange in any given form I won't care for keeping us on edge XD (hint hint: please make chocolate orange flavour XD)
  • I'm with @SammyD13, and also very interested in what these "bad" lables look like. Someone help roderick post a pic
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    There is an add image button in the upper left corner above the text box, pics MUST be 2MB or less in size or they will not load. You may have to resize the images to make them smaller.
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited April 25 PM
    This is the label they came up with. I hate it! It's not a "Germanic Snuff", it is a high quality nod to Germany.
    Chancellor is one of 7 flavours. It's a mentholated, oiled SP.  It has slightly less menthol and more flavour than most German snuffs.

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