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edited August 2018 in General
Hey Snuff Lovers,

Want to introduce a new product in the Snuff market, CREAMY SNUFF (Tobacco Toothpaste).

We think its a good product for people who want to quit smoking because it will give you a perfect buzz.

Has anyone tried anything like that before?


  • I'm not going to lie, that sounds pretty gross to me. But then again so did nasal snuff at first. Wouldn't that stain your teeth pretty bad?
  • No, we don't think so because it is made with the fine powder of high-class tobacco leaves (for a nico buzz) along with natural oils, herbs & spices which are good for teeth and gums, pleasant flavours are added to give a refreshed breath even after you rinse your mouth. 
    No chances for stains :D 
  • What sort of high class tobacco? What spices? Natural oils derived from what?
    Will it take rust off chrome and polish tarnished sterling? Like a sample if possible.
  • Hey Nicmizer,

    Indian Gujarati Tobacco Leaves which is the best quality tobacco in India is used, Spices like Cinnamon, Clove, Basil and other Indian herbs.
    Natural Oils derived from Clove and Sandal for flavouring is used.

    The thing is, it is a different type of Snuff, this is for people who love a nic buzz in different ways, curious to try different products made from tobacco.

    Would love to send you a sample and know your reviews.  
  • StillLearningStillLearning Member
    edited August 2018 PM
    It's funny after this thread was posted i was doing some research here on American snuffs and found out my favorite, Dental scotch, was originally intended for similar oral use.

    I also told my friend at Work (non tobacco user) about this and he said it sounded cool to him and he would give it a shot!

    I guess I might be a test dummy for you. I've already got the dummy part down pretty good anyways...

    Edit: I'm in the SE USA so shipping may be quite a bit just for a sample. Just a thought.
  • Hey StillLearning,

    In India many of the snuffs are used both oral & nasal, snuff is treated as a Dentifrice here and Creamy Snuff is made for especially oral use of Snuff as a Toothpaste.

    It would be our pleasure if you can try and review it.

    Will surely try to send you the samples.

  • Pm sent
  • I'd like to try also!!
  • Check your inbox.

    Thanks :) 
  • I would, too.
  • I'm game.
  • Pm the details.

  • I like it myself, has a clove like flavor, G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • SvHSvH Member
    Hmmm, a clove like flavour, sounds good for a toothpaste! :D
  • Yep, in India clove oil is said to be very effective to solve gum problems. 
    And is a good flavouring agent too. 
  • Any new news on this @indiansnuffjnf?
  • Dear,

    Very soon will dispatch the samples and let you know. 

  • Hello Snuff Lovers!

    Our TOBACLE CREAMY SNUFF is now available at MS.

    Please check out and send us your feedback and reviews.


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