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Samuel Gawith Irish D (Original?) vs Irish D Light

volungevolunge Member
edited July 2018 in Types of Snuff
I was very glad to notice GH Irish D back on stock at Snuffstore
(it's still listed there and at MrSnuff's shop), though suspected some
kind of a system error (as we all know, this snuff has been discontinued).
Had a small chat with Snuffstore's assistant, who confirmed my doubts,
telling me GH Irish D being out of stock. I went ahead, though, and
included it in my order.

Guess what, I didn't
get GH Irish D. I found SG Irish D in the parcel instead. I was sure it's the same old
good SG Irish D Light renamed, but I was wrong. They differ like day and


Irish D (mostly-lamina base, high-density, uniform fine grind, medium to low HDT-like moisture, all in all akin to F&T HDT) :


Irish D Light (stem base, lightweight, dry, uneven coarse and dusty grind):


Both snuffs are available at It seems it's the last and only online store which still has some tins of (apparently discontinued) coarser SG Irish D Light.

P. S. The tin of Irish D wasn't vacuum sealed, only carelessly taped with a thin red tape.

P. P. S. There used to be the third one, Irish D Original, made by Samuel Gawith and described as "dry, fine, pale yellow, plain, toasted, single tobacco base", which I haven't tried, but the properties described pretty much correspond to the present Irish D. Could it be the same snuff, Irish D and the long gone Irish D Original?


  • @volunge I too ordered Gawith Hoggarth Irish D from Mr Snuff and received, just yesterday, a Samuel Gawith Irish D. The tin too had the vacuum broken and, unlike yours, clear plastic tape around the rim.

    And I couldn't be happier about it :D

    I'm not a Toast guy (SWS excluded). First thing I did with my F&T HDT was give it to @SammyD13 . But this SG Irish D I find a spectacular snuff

    Surprisingly moist to me for very fine grind, particularly considering the seal on the tin. It lacks the pungency of some other toasts that turn me away. @volunge 's pictures are spot on, with mine being perhaps a bit more clump/crumbly. Great nose feel and, having had quite a bit before bed last night, I didn't get the USA Whiskey & Honey toast nose hangover.

    It has a hay/horse-like aroma akin to J&H Wilson's SP No1's base that to my nose takes front seat over the aroma I've come to expect from toast

    If this is what WoS Irish No22 is like I'll have to try again at that one (my first came mislabeled)
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @ar47 I highly recommend IHT 22, it's a superb snuff! It's often compared to Irish D and FT HDT, so you may or may not like it. Trying it has never hurt anyone though.

  • Definitely worth trying, but I would advice ordering 5 g tin (it is bone-dry, so don't worry about the tin size). I find WoS Irish No. 22 more smokey than HDT, Dr. Rumney's Brown or SG Irish D. 

    I guess SG Irish D Light might fit your taste, @ar47. Sweet nuttiness is all about this toast, my nose didn't detect any smokey notes there at all. There's one major drawback, though: it is really cloggy (stems...). 
  • @ar47 Don't suppose your mislabelled no22 contained Ani Extra (aniseed)? Recently bought a tin of Ani Extra at my local tobacconist and it contained no22!
  • EpitangoEpitango Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    My 5G IHT 22 from Mr. S had Ani Extra in it a couple weeks ago. I let them know it was a known issue, but never heard back.
  • @epitango Yes mine was 5g too. Sounds like I got your IHT22 and you got my Ani Extra!
  • @Hoffwell yes it did, back that was back around March if I recall correctly
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    @n9inchnails Just as you, I was sure ID is just a new name for IDL,
    until I accidentally got a tin of ID. I don't know much about IDO, too, but I still have some old IDL,
    which differs from the present ID too much to be considered casual 'batch-to-batch

    Regarding retailer's description or (even) naming.. Well, sometimes I take it with a grain of salt. Just give a glance at this: Irish D Allsorts :)
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited October 2018 PM
    I dont understand how people can be so confused by this. They passed a law saying certain names cannot be used in tobacco products so snuff manufacturers changed the names. It is no longer legal to call it Light so they dropped the light out of the name.

    As for differences in the two tins well batch variations can be HUGE in an unscented tobacco product also in a new tin compared to an old stale tin thats years old and I can see from the picture that the one tin is clearly dried out and stale, it is not going to taste the same as a fresh tin.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    A few words on GH/SG Irish snuff's availability at MS/snuffstore.

    The defunct GH Irish D disappeared from the listing, and SG Irish D Light emerged.

    There were at least two cases when MS/snuffstore customers got SG Irish D instead of GH Irish D. Must have been warehouse error, i. e. there actually wasn't any GH Irish D on stock, only SG Irish D (although not listed; i. e. SG Irish D was on stock, but you couldn't order it) in summer 2018.

    I wonder if there's the same SG Irish D hiding beneath the SG Irish D Light snuff over there: Just another case of old templet (photo and description) used for other snuff?
  • To your point @volunge I ordered GH and got SD
  • @ar47 Please share your experience, if you reorder it from the same source someday. SG Irish Whatever that :)

    2 possibilities there:
    a) order SG Irish D Light, get SG Irish D Light (old stock, but (I bet!) still sound snuff);
    b) order SG Irish D Light, get SG Irish D (fresh).
  • About a month ago I ordered Gawith Hoggarth's Irish D and I recieved Samuel Gawith Irish D(very fine brown snuff) total different than the old Samuel Gawith Irish D Light that I had bought some years ago from (this was medium fine open colored brown with a sweet taste-smell)
    Now I'm waiting for my latest order which include one Samuel Gawith Irish D Light from
    When I will have it in my hands I'll report back...
  • Also not long ago maybe a year or two SG and GH combined factories and are now made at the same factory. From what I remember SGs snuff grinding equipment didnt make the change so all SG snuff is now ground up using GHs snuff grinding equipment so you can expect to see a change in grind for all SG snuffs now being ground by GH.
  • @n9inchnails This explains the difference in grind, thanks! But I still believe those two snuffs are made from different tobaccos (IDL - stems only, ID - lamina/midribs).
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited October 2018 PM
    It is most likely made from a different tobacco now. When one batch of tobacco runs out they try and source the same tobacco to replace it but it is not always possible so they use the closest one they can find.

    Happens all the time with pipe tobacco blends so pipe tobacco blenders mix the new and old tobaccos together slowly increasing the amount of the new tobacco so the taste doesnt radically change from tin to tin.

    This is why batch variations in unscented tobacco products can vary greatly, when the tobacco runs out they have source another batch of tobacco to replace it and it never tastes exactly the same as the first batch and since its unscented all you taste is the tobacco.
  • I talked with Jamie from Mr. Snuff about this issue last week. The response boiled down to: "They are same snuff but different manufacturers and a slight different in taste." I thought she meant that there were multiple mills making the same snuff... but given that SG and GH have combined factories, I guess she's probably just referring to the changeover, new equipment etc. Even so, they seem like very different products.

    So what does this mean for us snuffers? I asked if they'd continue to stock the (new) Irish D, and Jamie encouraged me to order Irish D Light in the meantime because they're "both really good," which I took as a bad sign. Looking forward to seeing what comes from ... :-?
  • I made the switch to Toque Natural Toast recently and find it a good replacement for the SG and F&T toasts. Not the same, but still very good and readily available.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    It seems that ran out of Irish D Light (only Irish D left, or Jamie simply merged those two into one and listed with the new name), but still has 30 tins (no shipping outside Germany):

    @Insufflemus Jamie the guy runs a very customer-friendly business. Fast shipping and no unanswered inquiries, but kind of brief wording.

  • @volunge Didn't mean to criticize, if that's what you're getting at -- I've had nothing but good experiences with Mr. Snuff. If anything, I imagine this kind of inventory confusion starts with the manufacturers... companies like SG and GH aren't exactly PR-focused, and SG's website even seems abandoned! I kinda like that about them, though. There's a stubborn charm to those bits of life that the Internet hasn't taken hold of yet :-)
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    Sorry, @Insufflemus, I misread the very first sentence of your post. It wasn't a criticism, I was referring to Jamie from

    I fully agree that confusion starts with the manufacturers. More light shed on their own products would be most appreciated. Sadly, though, they are becoming more and more introverted  - even product listing disappeared from GH website: (spot the difference:

    And check out this thread on SG website:
    It seems some punks took over the genuine SG's domain and turned it into a squat :)

  • Yeah SG website while I didn't discover any active threats there at last time of analysis has become a (context-intelligent) domain parked ad site. Don't go there you're just paying the fraudsters
  • Today I got my latest order from that included(supposedly) Samuel Gawith's Irish D Light...
    well,they sent me again SG Irish D....for the second time....
  • @tobacobob What a bummer that! It never was my daily snuff, but I would love to have another tin of D Light. I guess the only shop which still has some on stock is the same where you got yours some years ago.

    Any Irish D Light fans in Germany?
  • Nice post Volunge, I have recently taken to the WOS Irish #22 and wanted to try a HDT similar. I have ordered the Irish D light from snuffstore, as thought it was the HDT. Now I hope turns out to be Irish D, but can never tell what will turn up  :-?
  • @publictakeover, could you post a picture of SG Irish "D" Original here? If possible.

    I wonder how it compares to Irish D Light and current Irish D. Never had the Original.
  • IMG_1844 IMG_1847
  • it looks a litttle darker than the Irish D light.
  • Thanks for the upload, @publictakeover! It seems a little finer and more uniform than the Irish D, too. But more akin to D than to the discontinued D Light.
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