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Tobacco Progression: Anyone Else Come from Cigars & Pipes?

jholenjholen Member
edited July 2018 in General

Did a quick search on here and didn't find an appropriate thread so figured I'd start one.

What has your tobacco progression/journey involved?

I know from reading, and I'm currently on page 154/190 (in general) reading from the oldest -> newest, that many have come to snuff as a way to get away from cigarettes. I'm just wondering if there are those who instead got involved in the enjoyment of tobacco in other forms and are now considering becoming a primary snuff user as this is where I'm at.

I started enjoying premium cigars back in 2013 and it quickly became quite a hobby for me. I still am sitting on a fairly large selection, in my mind, of premium non-Cuban as well as Cuban cigars. I enjoyed the history and craft involved in the growing and production of cigars as well as the depth of flavors one could experience. As the wife and I started growing our family, as well as responsibilities at work/home, I dabbled in pipes. Pipes presented an interesting opportunity in that they consumed less time to enjoy and required less funds to enjoy per session. I specifically found smoking a bowl of pipe tobacco to be much more conducive once kids arrived on our scene as if I was interrupted at most I'd be out fractions of a dollar compared to at best $3-10+ for a cigar. Naturally, this meant I went to the pipe more often than cigars. 

If anyone else has made the transition from cigars to pipes you'll probably know the only drawback is compared to simply cutting and lighting your cigar the pipe can be a bit fiddlier until you really get your technique down. Prior to snuff I'd probably consider myself interested in both cigars and pipes equally however used pipes more often due to the time factor.

Enter snuff. I learned of it from some fellow cigar/pipe enthusiasts and setup a trade with one who shipped me some samplings. That led to where I'm at today. I could see myself easily becoming a primarily snuff user due to the economic and time requirements to partake. One of the huge bonuses for me is that I can enjoy this hobby (I don't view my relationship with tobacco as an addiction) while at work. Even now, as I type this, I'm at work in a position that would never lend itself to smoking a pipe or cigar and even if attempted it would be rushed at best. I'm sitting here with a decent sized pinch of Rosinski Nordwind with a huge smile on my face. It is simply awesome. Not to mention the variety of snuff available, the community, the nostalgia, price, and probably most appealing of all the ease of portability and time necessary to partake. 

Did anyone else have this transition? Don't get me wrong, I'm still quite fond of cigars and pipes but can see myself having made a complete reversal in my habits. It'd go 1) snuff, 2) pipes and 3) cigars. This isn't even touching upon the health benefits of snuff compared to cigars/pipes.



  • bobbob Member
    actually when I started I pretty quickly tried all the methods available including snuff until my local tobacco store got sold. That was in 93. Started snuffing again in the 2000s when I found online retailers mostly because I could not smoke in my apartment (because of my girlfriend) and really started to just enjoy snus and snuff more then smoking.
  • @bob not sure I'll ever venture into snus. It seems, from my reading, though I could be entirely wrong, that snus is primarily used for nic delivery and not so much for flavor. I'm really enjoy snuff for the flavors -- if I become reliant on the nic I'm ok with that but with cigars & pipes I've never experienced "needing" the nic. Don't get me wrong, I've gone months without partaking and there were definitely moments of wanting a pipe or cigar but never experienced any withdrawals that you hear of from cigarette smokers.

    Am I correct in my thinking? Or are there those who simply use snus for the flavor and take the nic delivery in stride with it. 
  • Some people are chasing the nicotine dragon when it comes to snus. Siberia, thunder X and the like are for that.

    Lots of us stick with the regular strength and enjoy the variety of flavours available, much like with snuff
  • @Codyg140 appreciate the insight!
  • tinhueytinhuey Member
    edited July 2018 PM
    Great topic @jholen. I am also a fan of Rosinski snuffs. I have been through the gamut of tobacco products except for snus. Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, loose leaf & Copenhagen chewing tobaccos, even vaping, which I quickly grew tired of. Then it happened. I was reading the book Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? by Philip K Dick. Towards the end of the novel, the central character partakes in some Dr Johnsons snuff. Something clicked in my head immediately, so I looked on the internet and found a whole new world! It was not very difficult to procure some WE Garrett and Silver Dollar tins locally, stale and dry as can be. However It was enough to instantly quit vaping and never look back. I read everything I could and watched lots of YouTube videos.Thank you Uncle Squinty! Soon a rather large Mr Snuff order was placed and the rest is history! I like everything about it. The fascinating history, the types, the endless varietys, the reasonable cost. And most of all the simplicity. All one needs is a tin and a handkerchief.
  • bobbob Member
    oh snus certainly is a flavor experience, it just tends not to hit you over the head with the flavors. A few brands really have stronger flavors. But the traditional snus brands have more of a tobacco forward flavor. By the way I love the flavor of snus and wish that the los varieties where more expansive. 
  • bobbob Member
    oh and if you in general have dug tobacco you really should try snus at least once. I'd suggest ordering at least a few different types to sample the varieties and if you just don't like it you can always find someone willing to trade for snuffs.
  • @bob any recommendations to try? What's the best source for a small amount? Cheers!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2018 PM
    Well, I started from snuff. It was my single source of nicotine for a first year or two. Then I introduced myself to tobacco smoke and thing started rolling fast. My full circle: snuff, cigarettes/RYO (occasional pipe, sheesha and cigar), snus, makla, snuff. I found snus and makla most enjoyable, but local unavailability kept my smoking habbit alive - still grabbed a cigarette or rolled my own when out of snus or makla, though I didn't enjoy smoking anymore and only chain-smoking could satisfy my nicotine cravings (blame makla, which generates the urge of being permanently plugged).

    I stopped smoking and using makla in the end of 2016. Few cans of Icelandic ATVR neftobak helped me to switch back to snuff.

    Snus (loose regular) is all about taste. A word of warning - it is salty and alkaline, though, and cuts your gums like a razor for the first week. I could recommend just about any Swedish Match loose (los) snus (Roda Lacket, Ettan, Grove, both Goteborgs), Skruf Original Loose and Skruf Stark (Strong, but still tasty / not bitter) Loose. Avoid V2 products, they are inferior.

    Portion snus is more convenient to use in public, but lacks the taste.

  • bobbob Member
    @jholen there are only a couple different snus merchants online. They're all roughly about the same price after shipping and such. Though if you want to see which is best fill up a few carts and see which costs the least after shipping is applied. As far as recommendations just go on your own personal taste including your preference for lower or higher nicotine levels (most of which are listed and seem relatively accurate.
  • fredhfredh Member
    edited July 2018 PM
    I did not come to snuff from pipes.

    I brought snuff to pipes. I fully enjoy both.

    Cigars are great as well but even great cigars do not bring me anywhere near the enjoyment I get from snuff and pipes and great pipe tobacco.
  • bobbob Member
    I find that different types of tobacco have different pleasures. Pipes are more contemplative and slow and have more a mood evening effect. Snuff I find more stimulating and exciting. Pipes are to be savored where as snuff is more to be appreciated immediately. I enjoy that variety though. 
  • Yah I'd agree they meet different needs. Probably why I'm enjoying snuff so much lately as it's so convenient. Not often I've got time to sit down for a pipe let alone a cigar.
  • I totally got into snuff through pipe tobacco. I kept seeing it on the pipe tobacco websites(pre PACT) got curious and ordered a few tins.
  • i started on cigarettes and pipes but i destroyed my lungs so i switched to primarily chew and dip with a few cigs and a few pipes a day with the occasional cigar. then i got into snus. then i discovered snuff in 2016. it quickly became my primary nic source and it helped me quit cigarettes finally after 10 plus years of smoking almost 2 packs a day. i still enjoy chew, dip, snus, pipes and cigars. i think tobacco might be my one true passion in life.  i am definitely an addict though
  • @n9inchnails I knew I wasn't alone!
  • I was a heavy pipe smoker for years and a member of a pipe forum. I saw a slightly off-topic thread on snuff, and laughed heartily at the idea that it could be an effective nicotine delivery system. A regular replied that I should try it before I dissed it, so I ordered a small tin of Toque Quit and another of Abraxas Premium Coarse. Love at first sniff. I alternated between pipe and snuff for years, with an occasional cigar thrown in. About a year ago, I had a bad persistent cough, so I decided to give the pipe a bit of a break -- and I just haven't got around to picking it up again. I think I'll just stick to snuff for now. It's the best way of doing tobacco that I've come across.
  • @JakartaBoy I hear ya! Think I've had one cigar in 3 months and have just been sitting on my cellar of pipe tobacco. Been selling off samplers of cigars to fund my snuff habit, haha.
  • I started about as soon as I got to high school with dip. Kodiak wintergreen it was...a sent that to this day makes me a little weak in the knees if I smell it. Lol! By the time I graduated high school It was a can a day of grizzly straight. Always loved the pure taste of tobacco. Around the age of 19 I picked up smoking camel lights and the rare pouch of either half and half or capitan black. Fast forward a few years and out came "fire safe" cigarettes. To this day they make me puke my brains out if I smoke them. So here I am fully addicted to a substance that makes me physically sick to use it. I don't remember how, but somewhere along the line I found out about RYO cigs. No sickness and I could finally stop being sick all the time! I've been smoking RYO for about 10-12 years now. Maybe longer heck I forget.

    30th B day I decide to dust off my old pipes and have a bowl. For some reason it stuck this time and I've been piping for a little over a year now regularly. Being Information hungry like I am I ended up on a pipe forum and found out people put tobacco in their nose! Holy shit can you believe that!!!? It took almost 6 months for me to read up on it and decide I had to try it. So this past December I went to food lion on my lunch break and picked up A can of tube rose. I have not missed a single day since then.

    I'm thinking about kicking the cigs soon, but I'm terrified to let go. You see my past and understand I love all things tobacco, even cigs. But my a dad of two beautiful sons now. I want to be there for them for as long as I can be. I don't have any health issues YET, but I'm over a decade in on smoking now...and it's a lottery with damn good odds of winning ( or in this case losing).

    So maybe this bag of ryo will be my last. Maybe I will take next week's cig allowance and buy snuff with it. Maybe....
  • jholenjholen Member
    edited August 2018 PM
    @StillLearning great story! I'm considering switching to primarily smokeless tobacco products. Just sold off some cigars to buy some snus for another option of tobacco. Been loving snuff at work and excited about snus to go along with that. Think pipes might come in third and cigars a very distant fourth.

    And good luck on kicking the cigs (if you so decide to go that route!)
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 2018 PM
    @StillLearning Snus is great for kicking the cigs. I advice using portion snus (strong or extra strong) while in work/public places (very convenient) and regular strength (8-14 mg of nicotine per 1 gram) loose snus (tastes much better than portions and extra strong snus in general) along with strong nasal snuff at home.

    You can try Belgian makla as well, it's the strongest smokeless tobacco product on this planet: (go for Ifrikia or Rouge). You can find some makla threads here on Snuffhouse forum and read more about this wonder.

    If you enjoy it, but find it too strong, there's a regular strength Indian makla: and

    This product is worth trying, too: (haven't tried it personally, it's unavailable in EU).
  • StillLearningStillLearning Member
    edited August 2018 PM
    @volunge thank you for the advise. How's snus as far as harshness on your gums? I tried to go back to dip a few years back but it was a no go. Hurt like the dickens. This was with the grizzly pouches that I consider about as mild as it gets. It really bummed me out because I did really enjoy dip. My mouth is crap at this point. I'm well on my way to dentures already sadly. Brush em every day and always have...

    One good thing is my line of work. I'm a machinist. So it's a dirty job in a fast pace environment. I can snuff whenever I want, wherever I want. I work nights to boot so nobody is really around anyways. 3 people on my shift, me included. In fact I have one non tobacco user co worker who loves to sample my snuff when I get new flavors!!! The other is on the patch so I don't offer tobacco to him.
  • @jholen I apologize I did not mean to derail your thread.
  • @StillLearning no such thing!

    Got a bunch of los snus coming my way. Love learning about new forms of tobacco myself my man - that's what this thread is about. No such this as derailment.

    @volunge heard tambookla is also incredibly high in nic though thinking most boil it to get it apart and smoke in a pipe.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 2018 PM
    @StillLearning Snus is harsh to gums only for the first week or two. Later on gums adapt to it and the burn subsides. Makla is a way harsher. I'm quite paranoid about my teeth, too, and trying to use snus/makla only during summer season, when I spend more time outside.
  • Ok cool thanks for the info. I found Makla at my local tobacco shop believe it or not. So I may give it a try. I've read mixed reviews on the stuff, some are less than flattering.

    I'm currently building a snuff order and added several stronger snuffs, alot of 6 photo stuff. I added some "energy" snuff too because coffee is a pretty big part of my night, and well coffee is hard for me to have without a cig. They are a group item as far as I'm concerned. So if I decide to quit cigs then coffee will have to go for a while also I'm certain.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited August 2018 PM
    @StillLearning the 6photo 12 pack is a great start and goes A Long Way. They stuff those rolls like they're using a hydraulic press (there's a lot in there). The only one I've had to order more of yet was the Cheetah. I like many of them (Cheetah, Begum green, Anarkali, Chocolicious) but most are strongly soda'd and perfumed enough that they're occasional treats vs. high volume.

    Edit: also the 6photo folks are a member of this forum and very polite
  • They're definitely on my list to try though I haven't been as fond of floral flavored snuffs. Heard they have quite a few Indian floral styled snuffs.
  • @jholen you should certainly give them a try. Get The 8grm "tin" and give it a whirl. I have the regular kaliash in one of those little tubes and like @ar47 says it just seems to keep refilling itself! I Can scoop out of it all day, throw it in my pocket and walk around a while and when you come back to it, it's like it's full to the brim all over again!

    I may get the sampler pack, but I don't need anymore regular or super kaliash, and to be honest the medicated no.666 that I have is...not my favorite for sure.

    I'm interested in the motia and the cheetah more than anything.
  • I had got 25 years of cigarette smoking on the clock before I came to snuff. I had tried a couple of cigars along the way, and while they are OK for an occasional smoke, I am not particularly enthused by them, and they're not worth the money.

    These days I am predominantly using snuff and vape. No more cigarettes, but will buy the occasional pouch of pipe tobacco, which I find more enjoyable and better value than cigars. I tried snus, but don't enjoy it, same with chewing tobacco.

    I currently vape more than I snuff, but that's because my nose gets irritated if I snuff more than 2g per day. You might think your nose would acclimatise after a few years use, but not mine unfortunately. I also have to lay off at certain times of year because my nose flares up with seasonal issues. My 7 or 8kg stash will last me a VERY long time at an average of roughly 1g per day. Most of it is in glass jars, but I also have enough in tins to easily last me another 12-18 months.
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