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Snuff combinations

SvHSvH Member
I am just curious, what are your favorite snuff combinations? I do not mean mixing snuff, but first take one snuff and then the other. Also sometimes referred as layering.

For me my golden combination is first SG Kendal Brown Original followed by Toque Violet. I even only rarely use these two snuffs appart from eachother. In fact, if I would only be allowed the have two snuffs, it would be these two!

So, what is your favorite combination?


  • My favourite layering is to use a 6 photo black snuff (special, Kailash) and then to use an Indian white to up the nicotine. I think they go well together.
  • jholenjholen Member
    I'm hooked on layering brusseler and carlsbader both from Rosinski. A big pinch of carlsbader first and then just a touch of brusseler is currently my fave but the opposite is also good though more equal amounts.

    It's like a chocolate mint coffee in your nose.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Toque Coke and Toque USA Lime - Rum & Coke

    Toque Chocolate + Toque Raspberry + Poschl Alpina ... chocolate raspberry mint clusters
  • nicmizernicmizer Member
    Experimenting with past HM banana fostner and new honey snuff combo.
    Also mixed my dark chocolate with the honey snuff to help dry to a suitable consistency and add a sweet finish.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @nicmizer that reminds me of the king of layering - your Dark Chocolate and your Banana. With your honey I'm sure would be a heck of a treat
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Member
    Toque Bourbon and Toffee make a great combo
  • bobbob Member
    I am simple with my snuff combos. I like three parts rose to one part lavender. The lavender is just a stronger scent then the rose so it's much more even. It's really quite nice though and if you are like me and prefer florals it's a must try.
  • SvHSvH Member
    edited August 7 PM
    Hi, sorry for the late reply. Went on holiday and forgot all about this tread... but nice combinations! Have to try some myself. Indian white to bump up the nicotine, as newbiesnuffer said, I do too. But especially to lavender rose combo sounds good! Thanx!
  • I am a big fan of Garrett scotch followed by McChrystals original, then some High Dry Toast!

    A combination I keep ready to go is Toque Raspberry Menthol mixed with their Violet. Mostly raspberry with a hint of violet, and I think it is better with menthol. Try it, it is lovely.
  • SvHSvH Member
    The combo raspberry/menthol with violet sounds good, Fantastic_Floyd. I don't have the raspberry menthol, but might put it in the shopping basket for next order at Toque. :)
  •  I tried  Bernards SCHMLZMACHTHRrrr  whateveritscalled (the pervy monk label) and toque quit last night and it smelled jut like a slaughtered pig i saw when i was a kid. wouldn't recommend unless you like that sort of thing...
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