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Mcchrystals assorted minors

  Newest order just got shipped today. Can't wait.  I ordered a box of Mchrystals assorted minors  and was wondering if anyone knew what the flavors are...like,  does mchrystals change it up or is it always the same flavors?  


  • McChrystal's is very on point when it comes to flavors and you totally won't regret any of them. I mean the "flavors" flavors, the medicated ones like Highland Ice or English menthol and stuff are probably for a more discerning snuff taker because I honestly notice very little difference between them. The O&G is still one of my favorites.
  • Random packaging I do believe.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    Ought to be 12 different flavours there, OG, SP, Jip, Smokers Blend and Sturco excluded.
  • In my experience you never know.... But I have never been disappointed. Enjoy!!!
  • I will enjoy! I'm new to snuff and don't really know what i'll like so getting a variety pack seemed like a pretty good idea.  Also ordered some gletcherprise, Toque Chocolate and some President. 
    So far the only snuff I didn't like is SPs, but that might because i overdid it when i had nothing else.
  • Ok.  I got my order today and am beside myself with joy.  The gletscher prise has already won a place in my dailies...it's so lovely and the menthol lasts for a good 20 minutes.  I know this will be on hand this Summer when i'm cleaning out campground bathrooms. The chocolate is too good. I need to pace myself so it's not all gone by the end of the week.  I'm not too sure about the Elmo's though. It tastes like play-doh and, i want to say, crayons or pencil shavings.

      Here's a list of what I got in the MCchrystals minors:

     Star Gazer (tried, don't like black licorice but i like this!)
     Fine Keg
     Sicilian burst
     Olde english (woah! Menthol explosion made me open my eyes wide and my temples tingle!)
     Highland Ice
     Vintage velvet
     Mulled magic
      Summer Harvest
      Wee dram

     I have a feeling by the end of the night every one of these will be open.  Oh lord help me!
     I feel lucky though...I heard that someone (elsewhere on the webbernets) got one of these and was disappointed because it was 12 tins of the same five flavors.  
  • Aztec, man. It's all about the aztec.
  •  Oh my god you're right DrOctagon!  I tried some right after the Toque chocolate. I could change my mind with more use but Aztec seems to be more gourmet than the Toque, though both are great. 
      Mental note...always listen to a doctor.
  • Summer Harvest is also very good. It has a great earthy type of raspberry that could only be compared to a real raspberry patch.
    Also It's very tempting to use the aztec on its own, but I usually use it to add a chocolatey punch to other scent. I just wish it came in larger tins...
  • I'm going to try some aztec with some Gletscher pris in a minute.  I just know I'm going to overdo it tonight.
  • mmm, chocolate icebergs.  I like.
  •   I think I overdid it on scents or maybe I just prefer more basic snuffs.Just tried Kendal Brown for the first time
    and that's more my style.  I tend to go for The Vikings or Toque Quit, I like the more earthy smelling ones.
  • @DrOctagon https://www.mcchrystals.co.uk/snuff/ larger tins (8.75 g) and 200 g tubs straight from McChrystal's. Not so pricey, bearing in mind free shipping for orders over GBP.. 15? (if they still apply it).
  • edited April 2018 PM
     Update.  Don't think i'll do the assorted box again.  Too many snuffs i hate or will never use. 

    Stargazer:  Ew, licorice is nasty. I regret throwing it in my Crazy George jar because, despite being such a small amount i can smell it in every pinch i take.

    Sunset:  Okay i guess, for the occasional sniff just to mix things up. Nothing to write home about. We did have a little bonding moment when I took a few sniffs while watching the sunset. Maybe it will be my sunset snuff. 

    Aztec:One of the only ones I will buy again.  Rich wonderful chocolate. Bought it at the same time I got Toque Chocolate.  Aztec is like having gourmet expensive chocolate and the Toque is like a cheap knockoff Hershey Bar. 

    Mulled Magic:  Ew, Clove is almost as gross as Anise.  Threw away.

    Olde English: Menthol. Has a hint of something I don"t quite like.

    Highland ice:  Decent.  Not too special.  Would rather buy more Gletscher Prise.

    Fine Keg: Meh.  Might revisit.  Still have tin. Don't like too much, maybe because I don't like overly hoppy beers.
    I prefer Coors over the fancier drinks.

    Sicilian Burst:  Haven't bothered opening. not a big fan of lemon.

    Summer Harvest:  I like rasberries but this is overly sweet. Would rather have some SD rasberry.  SH would be better with menthol.

    Glacier:  I like this one! First sniff almost melted my face. I wasn't ready for the pure Spearmint bomb.Might buy again though I still prefer the consistency of Gletscher Prise. Will probably keep  around. It's the strongest Spearmint I've had so far.

    Vintage Velvet:  Smells like an old ladies house. Ew.

    Wee Dram.  Undecided.  Will retry tonight with a drink of whiskey.

      It's a waste for me to have anything fruity or flowery I guess. Just don't like and the flavors seem so artificial, probably because they are artificial.

       The exception might be Toques strawberry and Toques Vanilla. But again, occasionally.

    I've fallen into a normal routine with Toasts and Gletscher Prise.  Happy with my favorites.

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