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Does it Get Better?

So I'm one week into my snuff taking journey. And my nose hurts, it burns, both inside and out. I've even gone to putting Aquaphor inside and outside of my nose.

Ive been taking less than a gram a day of:

Ozona Rasberry
SWS Moro Moro
Toque Coke
Toque Champagne (I really enjoy this, hope none of you guys think that makes me a chick)

I've been doing pinches, box cars, back of hands, and from the end of a steel collar stay (not a bad improvised snuff spoon)

Am I doing it wrong? Or do I just need to sack up?


  • yes your nose should adjust. I often forget how harsh snuff seems at first. I never had much pain but I used to sneeze so easily from snuff and get blocked up now that only happens if I really over do it and then it corrects its self shortly. Oh and there is no such thing as a girl or boy snuff. My only problem with toque Champagne which is a great snuff, is I think it should be called fizzy grape. Other then that.....
  • Hi @Knox_Darcy. Does your nose hurt and burn even when you have not taken a pinch in a while? Is there any redness, puffiness? This strikes me as abnormal even for a beginner, especially the part about your nose burning on the outside. It is not unusual for the inside of your nose to burn for a few seconds after taking a pinch, especially if you sniff it too deep, but it should not continue to burn for an extended period of time, and not on the outside as well as the inside. Do you have any allergies? I have read that some people are allergic to snuff.
  • Umm.. to be honest, it might not be for you. You have a lot of varied snuffs, and if all of them make you feel like this then maybe this isn't for you. When I first tried snuff, it just made sense to me. If you have to fight it or experiment with it then maybe it's not worth it. You don't have to "force" yourself to like anything. My first snuff was McChrystal's O&G which many people will agree is not a good beginner snuff, and I still enjoyed it very much despite all of it.
  • The snuff itself is pleasurable, I think it's just the outside of my nostrils and the inside of my naval cavities get irritated.

    I've never had allergies and I don't even get sick all that often so I guess I'm not used to blowing my nose are clearing out my nostrils a lot.

    I think maybe it's more the clearing of my nostrils that's irritating me rather than the snuff I'm putting in there.

    I do appreciate all the input tho.
  • You must try subtle tobacco or herbal snuffs to check if tobacco is causing the issue. An easy to take snuff like 6P Special or Motia should not create any burn since they are most beginner friendly amongst the ones I have tried. Dholakia herbal is very easy on the nose, so you might give it a shot to see if things are different for you with that. Since you state it might be the clearing of the nostril that might cause you some issues, remember to not over clean or overuse the handkerchief on the inside of your nose. That might cause some of the irritation. Also, ensure to hydrate yourself (drink water) a lot. A naturally moist nose will make things more comfortable. All the best! 
  • I use to call them, nose hangovers. I literally felt a hangover in my nose the day after when I first started. It could be a reaction to what is in the tobacco rather then the tobacco itself, maybe try a plain, or sp type of snuff. I find myself some snuffs don't part well in my nose or I need to use sparingly. We are all snow flakes after all
  • SvHSvH Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    And for cleaning your nose, use a soft cotton handkerchief, and not paper kitchen towels. I notice that my nose also gets irritated when using paper towels.
  • Oh. That's no big deal then. It's a mental thing, you and your nose are not used to foreign matter in there so your first instinct is to clear it. Leave it alone for most of the time and see if that works for you, and only blow your nose if you feel that you absolutely must and not because it feels like there's something in there, because there is, but you need/want it there.

    You might benefit from a drier, finer snuff or something medicated as well.
  • Thanks guys for the input. Yeah, not ever really getting sick (at least stuffy noses) or having allergies I've just never been all that busy with my nose.

    All that handling of my nose just took some getting used to. And yes, good call, @SvH I wasn't using good quality hankies, just paper towel. And to be honest I was getting my finger in there too! I just wasn't used to having the snuff in there.

    So a bit of a break and also the Aquaphor really helped. Thanks again everyone.
  • SvHSvH Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    Good to hear it is getting better!
    And yeah, it takes some time your nose gets used to the substances you shovel up there. But after a while it will go easier for sure.
  • i think it burns more if you snuff it to hard and it goes to deep in your nose. perhaps try sniffing a little lighter. snuff it in the way you sniff a flower
  • use good soft tissues i prefer ones with "aloe" or similar stuff added but not perfumed
    a paper towel or even worse toilet paper will tear your nose apart in no time!
    do not rub left over particles on the skin with the tissue too hard or its having a sandpaper like effect.

    the snuffs you listed seem to be on the fine and dry side it could help to mix in some schmalzlers or other german snuffs as they pretty much are all oiled even the non schmalzlers which helps.
    and a very hot (chili) meal or bit of cardio outside are great for keeping the nose free.

  • bobbob Member
    best nose blowers are cloth hankies. After a few washes they'll be kinder to ones nose then any tissue.
  • Gets better for sure, be patient it gets better.
  • hot chili chicken soup with onions should fix you up from inside :>
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    @Knox_darcy hydrating is key. If are not fully hydrated, it can hurt. I had that issue when I first started along with sucking it back to my sinuses. Make sure you are well hydrated. You also have to clear out your nose enough.
  • snuff choice is key a lot of menthol will over time dry up and clog your nose or back of throat
    for main snuffs i like those that cause a front drip or i take one that does (schmalzlers,thunder snuffs)
    this will clean out the leftover tobacco that would otherwise cause irritation sitting there for a longer time
    i dont use one of those nose showers but it helps especialy with very dry environment to just wash and splash your nose with some water then inhale a few times before using a tissue
    like psicko said drink a lot of water if your body is not hydrated enough it wont produce enough saliva/mucus.
    black tea & a hint of cream goes great with snuff (english type bergamot scented)
    there are medicinal creams for dry nose (not the ones for injured) basicaly its paraffin,lemon oil and alkalizers to up the ph i use it from time to time before i go to bed
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