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Get a free 15g tin with every purchase of Sir Walter Scott 50g tin.


Hey Guys, been a member since.... wow almost going on ten years?  I'm not sure.
I went through a phase where I was buying snuff in BULK and acquired so much I didn't need to buy again for years and years. Well I've almost exhausted my supply.

So my question is.... ARE THERE ANY NEW US DISTRIBUTORS?  
I am looking to buy but not wait so long!  

Thanks in advance!

Over my time on this forum...even though it's been awhile... I've acquired some custom spoons, Triple tech boxes, etc and I love them and still carry everyday!  I'm so happy this place is still kicking.


  • I would love to help you

    Send me your credit card numbers
  • Seeing as you ordered pre pact era, things have definitely changed. Pact act basically destroyed online snuff sales within the US. There are a few artisans stateside, but most people have to order snuff through mr snuff. There might be a few exemptions.
  • @droctagon Thanks but no thanks.

    @Psicko I've ordered since Pact.... and yeah it's rough.  I guess it's back to Mrsnuff or My man here in Tennessee.  Thanks man.
  • Welcome back, buddy. :-h

    MrSnuff, Roderick at Toque, and (depending on which State you are in, check their FAQ page), are probably the main places for you to go to for the bigger brands. Two US artisans, OSP and Gadsden Mill, are coming back on line after both having a bit of a break. If you're not already aware, Old Mill has gone as Chef Daniel passed away (not sure how long you've been away from the forum).
  • @transistor if you are talking about Chef Daniel in Tennessee, unfortunately he passed a little over a year ago. OSP is made by hitsuzen(spelling?) on here. Also cobguy makes some pretty good snuff, but not sure what his status is.
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