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Packing Snuff Down When Storing Snuff

Just a quick question-
I have just received a supply of snuff and now I am getting ready to store most of it in airtight containers.
Is is OK to pack the snuff down tight in these storage containers?
Some of the snuff is very fluffy and I would like to store as much as I can into the limited number of containers.
Any thoughts?


  • I have done exactly that with no ill effects.
  • I pack snuff when storing it to reduce air exposure and drying out as much as possible, but I have found that this does negatively impact certain snuffs. Poschl Doppelaroma for example has a wonderful light, fluffy character when it is fresh from a bag, but becomes dense and grainy when packed. Workarounds are necessary. My solution in that case is to purchase Doppelaroma in smaller bags so that I can leave it fluffy and use an entire bag before air exposure becomes an issue.
  • I will say that I have not packed hard enough to change the structure. I'm not cramming it down with a ramrod like i'm loading a musket or canon :D.

    I've just lightly pressed it down with the back of my fingers to coax an extra 15-20% in or something. I do find that some snuffs clump a bit or go a bit grainy anyway, but it doesn't stop me enjoying it. Worst case scenario is that it will need sieving through a tea strainer or something, but i've not had to do this yet.
  • I find packing down my snuff retains the intended moisture, keeping its scent for longer. Nice and fresh! I can't speak for coarse ground snuff however, as I don't have many and haven't found the need to try.
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