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Outside temperature and snuff

RogueRogue Member, Administrator
Heylo. Its -21 celcius as I write this, and Ive noticed I have a hard time smelling some snuffs. Anyone have the same problem in these low temps?


  • Generally I avoid sniffing outside (and / or in the presence of strangers) for ethical / hygienic / safety reasons. But waves of winter frost are quite common here, too, so I know how does it feel. Air humidity can be sharply reduced at such temperatures (both outside and inside), so your upper airway may just gone dryer and less sensitive to olfactory stimuli. Cold is effective anaesthetic, it has general numbing effects on nerves, and sense of smell is all about it. An extra cup of warm drink or a scarf over your nose may be of some help under such conditions.

  • @Rogue, try some German snuffs. I find that the oil works good in the dryer weather. I don't know how much my opinion is worth though, it rarely gets under 10 Celsius here. 
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @yisraeldov yeah, I too noticed that german snuffs smell the same regardless of temperature, but Ive been using so many german snuffs that they bore me a bit now. Its warmer now, and more moisture in the air, so snuff smells normal again.
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