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SWS St. James' Parish

Hello all. I'm new, & I wanted to try SJP, but it's already been sold out. I saw Johnny hadn't been on since October; so, I didn't message him. I wanted to try it b/c it sounds brighter & less smoky, & I wanted to try Viking Thor's Hammer for smokiness. Is there another SWS like that? I liked Mull of Oa, but I don't like the coarse grind so much. I started too late for Abraxas PBF & Old Mill, I'm afraid. Thank you in advance.


  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    SJP was incredible. The closest SWS would be Creme De Figue (if you can get it relatively fresh). It's not close enough to call it "similar", but it's in the same ballpark, being both sweet and savory.
  • SJP is hands down my favorite SWS, and probably one of my alltime fav snuffs. I hope MrSnuff gets some more soon! I think it's the perique. It is fantastic!!!!!
  • A new batch of St.James Parish Blend will be with MrSnuff in the next couple of weeks.

  • @Johnny Thank goodness!
  • St James Parish is lovely. I seldom reach for any snuff but Johnny's now. Havana Toast and Lundy Foot are similar in dryness and strength though do not have the unique sourness of the SJP. Very good in the meantime while you wait. Creme de Figue is nice too but I like the drier, finer toasts.
  • Who is Johnny? Is he the manufacturer of SWS?
  • ArtChooArtChoo Member
    edited January 2018 PM

    Use the link to look at the article     Sir Walter Scott snuff: background.

    The above should explain who Johnny is.

    I have a book by a certain Johnny Scott,   A Book of Britain,  The Lore, Landscape and Heritage of a Treasured Countryside.

    I have a feeling that it it may be the same person.  Does anyone here know for sure?   Or if   @Johnny  is reading this,  own up.

       By the way it is a good book.

    Edited, all OK now.

  • Thanks ArtChoo! Will check it out now.
  • @ArtChoo  Johnny who wrote the book is the same gentleman who produces the wonderful SWS snuffs.
  • Johnny was kind enough to send me a sample, & it is lovely!
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