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Mr. Snuff shipping to Canada

I have made 3 orders from mr.snuff and only one item out of 26 items has actually been delivered. I'm starting to think that they only actually attempt to ship American items to Canada and just pocket the non-american items for themselves. I message them and they keep delaying by repeatedly asking the same question like which items have arrived, then the next day they ask which items have not arrived etc... it's going on 3 months now... What a waste of time and money! Mr.snuff please make this right!


  • Items missing in my last order...(previous 2 orders never came at all)----------------------------------------------------
    1 x White Elephant 35g (41PH001) = $7.90
    1 x Fribourg & Treyer High Dry T 20g (FT201) = $4.49
    1 x Hedges L260 20g (HED001) = $5.44
    1 x Swedish Match Taxi Green 15g (SMT002) = $2.99
    1 x Poschl Bayern Prise Brasil 10g (POS005) = $2.93
    1 x Bernard Jubilaums 10g (BER461) = $2.99
    1 x Stainless Steel Bullet Silver (MET012) = $35.99
    1 x Afghan White 40g (AFG001) = $14.95
    1 x Dholakia White 9g (DHO067) = $2.16
  • Made a number of orders with them to Canada, never had a problem
  • Lucky you. maybe it's because I'm a new customer...
  • @Maxandtan All vendors control is the despatch of goods. They have no control of the couriers in their own country, no control of customs and excise, and no control of the couriers in the destination country. Why on earth would they purposefully slow down deliveries to new customers?
  • @50ft_trad I'd like to defend Mr Snuff here as I've dealt with Dave since his days in the states. However, I currently have an order placed over a month ago which has still not left the warehouse even after several online conversations and several concessions on my part as to the make-up of the order based on incorrect inventory indications.

    All I'm saying is @Maxandtan may not be in the wrong

    @Maxandtan Contact customer service if you have not gotten a tracking number for your order. Hopefully it will get sorted. As I hope mine will someday get sorted.
  • edited December 2017 PM
    Oh my God. I placed an order that was shipped out December 11th. I really hope I don't experience this kind of crap. 3 months is ridiculous. I am also in Canada. I am in Ontario. Might I ask what province you are in Maxandtan?
  • As long as you know it was shipped, there shouldn't be an issue.
  • edited December 2017 PM
    Well someone called Mark told me it shipped on December 11th. Who knows if this is true or not. I was thinking about making a massive order just so that I don't run out and have to wait like this, but it looks like if I make a large order I'll have to wait even longer. If what MaxandTan is saying is true, I totally understand his frustration.
  • @Zanaspus That's extremely disappointing.
  • I'm in Alberta.
  • I'm hoping it's not the flavoured tobacco ban that was passed recently.
  • Doesnt matter max, I've had flavoured snus/dip/snuff since that took place. Even the shipment caught by customs showed up
  • YeshuaYeshua Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    I placed my very first small order of the following snuff.
    Had it delivered to my doorstep in Saskatchewan.
    • Samuel Gawith - Firedance
    • Samuel Gawith - Celtic talisman
    • Samuel Gawith - Elmo's reserve
    • Poschl Ozona   - President

    They took around 23 days to arrive. But did eventually arrive in my mailbox. Already placed a second order which is about 3 times the size. I'll update everyone once it arrives. If all goes well it should be here within 2 weeks as I ordered it about a week ago.


  • Still waiting!!!
  • @Maxandtan

    What are you missing from your order? Have you contacted customs officers in Alberta?

  • Finally got my largest order. It says it was shipped oct20. Came today. That's a long time!
  • edited January 5 PM

    BLESS THE LORD!!!!! Maybe next time just order smaller packages at a time. Alberta is a nightmare for tobacco.

  • Still waiting on first two orders though. They got resent recently. Turns out customs didn't delay my larger order. I didn't get taxed on it.
  • CuriosCurios Member
    I have been a loyal customer of MrSnuff for years and years.  I noticed lately that their service has gone downhill.  I hope they get it together.  The last order I received took almost two months to arrive.  It in the past has never taken more than two weeks.  I enquired nicely and was given no explanation or apology after one month.  Then I tried again at 45 days as I was going to contact the credit card company.  Finally I was told it was on its way????  Then last month I tried to place an order...there was a problem on their website.  I emailed, used the online form to contact them and the chat window.  In total probably ten attempts to resolve the issue.  They went in and just deleted me order completely....and after explaining each time there was a problem with their site or with taking my card online they asked me to just go ahead and try again online instead of just calling me.  So by the time I actually started to receive responses the product I wanted was gone.  Again no apology no attempt at customer service.  So I went elsewhere.  
  • dwhytedwhyte Member
    edited March 20 PM
    @Curios sorry to hear. I had my issues with them as well and refuse to buy from them anymore. Like you, I was ignored for two months by their customer service, telling me that my purchase was no longer available as it was discontinued. Yet when you go to their site now their stock has been refilled for the snuff I wanted to buy in bulk. I know their customer service lied to me because I was in contact with the particular snuff mill whose snuff I wanted to buy in bulk.

    Such a shame.
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