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Anyone in the USA have easy access to a variety of American snuffs?

And would be willing to ship them if I cover all costs? I live in the midwest and I haven


  • looks like my message got cut from punctuation bug..

    But I havent been able to find any retailer that carries American snuffs except for Sams Club. I cant justify buying a bulk box of snuff unless I could sell or trade most of it. Shelling out 2x the price plus shipping from Mr. Snuff is absurd to me. Anyway.. just trying to save some money.
  • AfterglowAfterglow Member
    edited November 21 PM
    I am also in the USA so no hassles with international shipping.
  • people could make a killing shipping out of their countries like that. scotches from the U.S, madras from India and now maybe getting Bernard's out of Germany, etc etc.
    im getting images in my mind of scarface but you know, with snuff
  • i would like to be of help with the bernard problem since i am in Germany but i am im a complicated situation at the moment and cannot offer any help for the time being. maybe will change after new years eve.
  • HerneHerne Member
    edited November 23 PM

    This site is in the US. They carry a variety of American snuffs.

    Its called Smokes

  • Thanks @Herne

    I might give them a try at some point although their payment options seem a little sketchy. I just get frustrated because there are some amazing snuffs being made here but they are nowhere to be found. I bought the last can of WE Garrett at a local b&m about 6 years ago. Havent seen any since.

  • peacockpeacock Member
    edited November 23 PM
    i say its worth paying high prices on MrSnuff because i love scotches too much. to me, they are still worth every penny (as i take a basement shaman sized snuff of railroad mills sweet)
  • edited November 25 PM
    @Afterglow   Most tobacco stores here in the states will order American dry snuffs for you if you ask and pay up front, I have had my local tobacco store do it for me many times, they don't want to buy a case and end up stuck with it but they will ,or at least most of them will order what you want if you pay up front. G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • that hasn't been my experience. i ask at almost every new tobacco store i go in. if they can it might be only one or 2. WE Garrett strong and sweet seems the most common. ive been looking in California and Arizona tho, im sure its different all over.
  • The last few times Ive gone into the local tobacco shop I asked the owner if he could get any. He sort of shrugged it off. I will offer him cash up front next time I go in, though.
  • people in the south east do.
  • LloLlo Member
    I got a local cigar bar to get in WOS 22 to keep in stock for me.
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