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which is the best Dholakia toast?

Im getting into toasts lately. i know i love F&T HDT and WoS irish #22 seems pretty good. i just opened dholakia medium dry toast but its too soon to tell if i like it. im not interest in the madras toast but there is still 3 more i could try. honestly, should i try them all?


  • Can there be any good reason to tell if someone should not try any particular snuff? :)
    Though i'm a newbie myself (barely tried 20 varietes so far) i can't think of any sich reason.
    And also getting into toast lately..
    Could you rather tell how do you find D medium dry? There are not many reviews of it.
    How is it compared to F&T HDT?
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    The toasts Ive tried so far dont really scratch my nose, but I enjoyed Madras Toast..not sure why..maybe it was the ease of snuffing, superdelicious drip or..I dunno..the only other toast I REALLY like is WoS IHT 22. Thats what a toast is about to me.

  • @Anton I understand what you mean about no reason not to try a snuff but I am going to warn you to not try FUBAR Bohica. 

    Why? The stuff is evil.   >:)  >:)  >:)

    Don't try it. It is Satan's inspiration.   >:) >:)  >:) 
  • review of dholakia medium dry toast:

    the first thing you will notice is a blast of sparrow. it is definitely the base tobacco. with that comes a very dry and fine grind (which i like in a toast) and a good amount of burn that is high in nicotine.
    it took me quite a lot of pinches to start getting the toast scent. it is easy on the nose and rounded like WoS IHT 22 but a little warmer like toque natural toast. both of those comparisons are only a lighter version of themselves and the overall toast is a very subdued scent that fades in after the sparrow settles but lasts a good amount of time in the nose

    cant really say if i like it or not yet though or whether i will reorder.
    id say its worth trying if you really like Dholakia sparrow (like me!)
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