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The dippin' craze among kids on Youtube

matteobmatteob Member
edited July 2017 in General
Can anyone tell me from the US what the big attraction is to this stuff among kids, particularly from the Southern States of the US in taking this stuff. As a boy I wanted to look good and impress the girls (still do) and would not even look at a stuff that makes you constantly gob out brown phlegm and spit and stains your teeth. Yes I had the odd cigarette and drink but this stuff is just grim. There seems to be a big run of kids on Youtube that are into this stuff: why? Maybe we even have a young dipper here who can explain the attraction. To me, as we say in the UK, it's f*****g minging.


  • There's a wide range available at every gas station, they may have grown up around it - it's more normalized than say nasal snuff, it gives you a buzz, and it's addictive as hell!  As far as making YouTube videos promoting the stuff... not something I'd want to do, but to each their own I guess.  I dip, and it's always been dangerous territory explaining to women what the deal is... reactions usually aren't any better when I bring up nasal snuff haha!  I just assure them I'll use snus around them, and that I won't be trying to make out with them if I've got tobacco in my mouth.  
  • matteobmatteob Member
    edited July 2017 PM
    Yea I am with you on nasal snuff @SeanOCDPx but do these gas stations actually sell the stuff to minors? I'd imagine it would land them in deep do do if they got busted. I have tried dip, an Anerican buddy gave me a wad but it made me retch. I don't mind a bit of back drip with snuff but dip is just like a mouthful of tar. All oral tobacco is banned in Europe anyway. I am guessing you are a young guy? Snuff is supposed to be making a covert comeback in the UK among the younger hipster crowd but I have never met anyone irl who admits to using it nor have I seen anyone using it
  • @matteob - no they don't sell to minors.  I didn't know these YouTube people you speak of are were actually kids!  I've missed this craze.  I'm 32.  
  • Just searching around on youtube for snuff/snus/chewing tobacco will show you loads...oh well.
  • Well I'm 20 and from small town, Texas and I can tell you now probably about 90% of the guys in my class dipped. It's just part of the culture, I guess you can trace it back to cowboy origins in the south, but either way by the time we were 16-17 everyone was getting into it.
  • its strange to me that dipping tobacco is banned in Europe. its everywhere in the U.S. and its cheap too. costs less than a smoking habit. i originally got hooked on nicotine when i was 16 by chewing loose leaf
  • matteobmatteob Member
    edited July 2017 PM
    @peacock it is due to the mouth cancer risk. Swedish Match took the ban to the English and European Courts but lost. I've tried the stuff in the US though and found it revolting: the taste as well as the whole spitting thing. It looks foul. I guess it is a cheap nicotine fix though but I got nausea more than the buzz I get from a high nic nasal snuff. There seems to be some guy calling himself Outlaw who is a big hit with southern kids who dips and I guess they are trying to emulate him. I think he is pretty irresponsible I think he is enployed to advertize the stuff too.
  • I started with leaf tobacco around age 11. wasn't interested in girls yet. used snuff too at that age. Then weed was discovered and that stuff took a back seat. fast forward 46 yrs and I still enjoy spitting, snuffing and tobacco in all forms. I could give two shits what anyone thinks because your opinion to me doesn't matter. Any woman that cannot tolerate my life style I am not interested in . I don't judge others and I expect the same. I only used dip in the last ten yrs. That been replaced mostly with Los & portion  Swedish Snus, I use leaf tobacco while cutting the grass and I like to dip while driving. Smoke a pipe two to three times daily and snuff when ever I feel the need. I am a true nicotine fiend. and don't you forget it.   They say tobacco kills well it finally got this fellow at 146 yrs old : ;
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I'm always a bit shocked in these days of tobacco prohibition, when tobacco users tell other tobacco users that their habit is nasty, or shouldn't be allowed.

    Every time I've been told I shouldn't be allowed to smoke my cigar, it's been by a woman with a cigarette in her hand.   Oh well... there aint no fix for stupid.

  • It's one thing to tell someone it is gross, but it's entirely different to say that other persons type of use shouldn't be allowed. I personally hate chew and cigarettes, but I'm not going to tell them it shouldn't be allowed.
    I've been to places where smoking was allowed, but only cigarettes. They wouldn't let me smoke my pipe or my cigar. If rather smell pipe tobacco or cigars over cigarettes any day. Apparently cigarette smokers don't like the smell of cigars or pipe tobacco.
    As long as the users are of legal age and following the regulations concerning that stuff, then I don't care.
  • matteobmatteob Member
    edited July 2017 PM
    Nah ah wouldn't ban it mahself but ah think it is f*****n' deeeesgusting. It's a free world y'all.
  • N1THCN1THC Member
    I have noticed this as well for certain

    From what I can tell dip especially is very common in the south. Even people up here in the north dip but working in a high school I don't find it to be a fad among the young in this area.

    Youtube is filled with children/teenagers reviewing dip and they mostly seem to be from the south. They also seem to do it in groups with their friends. I assume this is part of the whole peer pressure thing where they see a friend dipping and now it's damn cool to do. (Hell I find snuff and snus hella cool to do, but I'm 27) Plus now they can attempt to make money on YouTube to buy more. (It's also common for children to have their parents setup AdSense accounts for them due to age restrictions. Granted advertisers are becoming much more stringent this year and payments are dropping.)
    As for the tobacco discussion: I cannot stand tobacco elitists & tobacco detractors. I wouldn't personally recommend anyone start a tobacco product but I also wouldn't tell anyone to quit. That's your life not mine =]

    N1THC / WQYV607 - Ham Radio / GMRS Radio Operator
  • matteobmatteob Member
    edited July 2017 PM
    Well I should not get too censorious over it. My English teacher brought in snuff for us to try when we were studying Alexander Pope and Samuel Johnson. I'm no elitist but I don't like to see kids taking baccy of any kind or drinking. As an adult you can do what the hell you like. I don't know how the kids can buy it though. Here in the UK it's a 2500 pound fine for selling to minors. I didn't think you could make any money out of YT unless you got hits in the hundreds of thousands at least.
  • N1THCN1THC Member
    I used to make around $300 a month from a channel with only 10k subscribers. - Easy money!

    Things have changed big time since then (2012) and payments are much smaller as CPM has shrunk seriously. Really no longer a valid means of any income unless you are in the hundreds of thousands like you said.

    As for kids it's too easy to have someone buy it for them. In my local city outside of many stores you can see young kids asking people to go in and purchase them tobacco. I figured that was their way of getting it. Other than their older siblings / friends. 

    As a kid I always had a friend over 18 and sometimes over 21 to get alcohol. Just gotta know one person I guess and you have access.

    N1THC / WQYV607 - Ham Radio / GMRS Radio Operator
  • SpamSpam Member
    edited July 2017 PM
    Do you think it's about asserting cultural identity in some unconscious way?

    As a Brit I've tried dip a few times. It's such a uniquely American thing and I just wanted to check it out. I don't really get on with it and I only do it at home because spitting is gross. If dipping (and therefore spitting) was more common place, however, I think I might do it more often. And it's a wierd, unique, buzz.
  • bobbob Member
    there is a lot of dipping where I live. And it's considered a manly thing. Which I've always found funny cause I've never been into being macho in anyways but have gotten big points for taking my drinks neat and dipping big pinches. I think that's part of the young guy appeal almost a way to show off and get man points. Another red neck factor that I can super heavy relate to is in certain areas you have to make your entertainment which makes you either really creative or prone to doing stupid things. Boredom is a dangerous dangerous thing.
  • It's VERY common in Oklahoma. I used to use quite a bit of Skoal peppermint and berry flavours in my early 20s, but grew to detest it. A lot of welders out in the shop dip the wintergreen (a scent I already loathe) Skoal. I've gotten pretty irrate with some of them divesting themselves of it in my office trash bin, but overall I'm about people doing their own thing as long as it doesn't screw me over or give me SuperAIDS. Snuff has really turned out to be just as agreeable to me as coffee and good tea. Ahhh caffeine and nicotine! The minor alkaloids are sublime!
  • moemojomoemojo Member
    edited July 2017 PM

    Caffeine and nicotine, eh?

    Curtis Gordon is one of my heroes. Here ya go:

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • @mowmojo a guy after my own heart...
  • :x Loooove me some Texas swing!
  • bobbob Member
    texas swing is the genre I like breaking out when hipsters say they love all music except country. :)

  • Dip is a "redneck" thing... and rednecks take great pride in all things redneck ie country music, pickup trucks, beer, dip, etc etc. It's not just a southern thing, but a cultural thing. As for the kids being into it.. it's a way to take tobacco without their parents knowing. Kinda hard to conceal the stink of cigarette smoke.
  • lets be fair, not everyone who dips is a redneck or are asserting any cultural preference. i know at least i am neither. i dont feel it was a peer pressure thing either. i started in high school but i didnt know anyone else who dipped. i swapped to cigarettes shortly after getting addicted to nicotine. i didnt dip again til i was 30ish. i was up to 2 cans a day when i discovered snus and snuff. now i at least keep one can around but snuff makes up probably 90% of my nicotine uptake for the day. snuff with a couple of snus portions thrown in the mix is my daily habit now. i used to smoke a few cigs and a pipe bowl or 2 a day but i quit smoking tobacco about 5 months ago. aside from a few random cravings to smoke here and there i am hopeful that i will stick to it 
  • Hey I used to dip a while back, also. I don't look down my nose at rednecks/southerners so don't take my comment the wrong way.. I'm just adding my 2 cents to the discussion. The only dipping channels I've come across have been young "country" dudes. These kids need to go out and get a bag of good chew. That's where it's at.
  • oh i took no offense. the southern states do have their own way of doing things and many are proud of that. im from california myself. fortunately, i had the chance to travel all over the U.S. and each region has its own particular flavor. unfortunately, it was in a beat up old van full of amps and speakers and 3 other dirty punks. not for the faint of heart
  • @peacock Hahaha! That sounds like quite an experience. Man I don't agree with the politics of punk rock, but I sure do like the music anyway. And socal puts out some great bands.
  • @ArgentOrangeOK yeah it got pretty chaotic at times. we wanted to tour like black flag with 60 shows in 60 different cities in about 65 days (we took a few days in the middle). did that for 3 summers plus a few short tours during the winter. went to Europe twice. i think we went to 12 countries between the EU, UK and eastern european counties. for better or worse, i never made a penny from it...
    P.S. black flag still toured harder
  • @peacock What was your band?
  • To OP, that is not correct: there are many different types of oral tobacco in Europe. Its not totally banned.
  • Most of the dippers in Canada are hockey player types who like nicotine but don't want to compromise their lungs at all.  It's probably better for you than smoking cigarettes, though obviously it has its own risks.  (I say this as a cigarette smoker--not looking down on any type of tobacco, really)
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