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  • I had a Bernard Feinster Kownoer punctured and some SG tapboxes (I know, I know, but it might have been my only chance at Blue and Yellow Crest) loosen up in transit. MrSnuff happily replaced them when I reported it. @mrsniffles
  • franko954franko954 Member
    edited June 2016 PM
    Always never fails Mr.Snuff orders to south Florida is exactally 9 days. I've been ordering for years now and I can say to the T.
  • Not a snuff order, but I just opened the most amazing sampler of exquisite Cuban cigars!!!

    This is going to be one hell of an Independence Day weekend!!

    Thank you B_
  • 1 x Fribourg & Treyer High Dry Toast 25g
    1 x Fribourg & Treyer Old Paris 25g
    1 x McChrystal's Hops 21g
    1 x Toque Berwick Brown 25g
    1 x Toque Peanut Butter 25g
    1 x Viking Dark 25g
    1 x McChrystal's Highland Ice 21g
    1 x Wilsons Winter Warmer 25g
    1 x Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown Original 25g

    Also ... pending order with Old Mill for 15g each of the following:

  • That reminds me that I need to get my Old Paris bulk order rolling. I love the stuff. I should stock up on the Hops, too. If I was still homebrewing, I'm sure I'd be experimenting with citrusy, floral aroma hops in snuff.
  • @TerrapinFlyer ... some of that F&T Old Paris was ordered with you in mind.   :)>-

    I'm hoping to get a good idea from the McChrystals for my own blend in the future ... sounds like a great combo!

  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    Old Mills restock of a Large jar of Banana Fosters & a large jar of Cupid's Crest :-c

    Also a small bottle 30g. of some Starr scotch snuff. \:D/
  • franko954franko954 Member
    edited July 2016 PM
    Stok Banana 5g
    1 x Toque Grapefruit 10g
    1 x Samuel Gawith Jockey Club 10g
    1 x Bernard Postillion 10g
    1 x Poschl Andechs Spezial 10g
    1 x Poschl Packard's Club 6.5g
    1 x De Kralingse Mississippi 20g
    1 x Wilsons Lemon Grove 5g
    1 x Paul Gotard White Caffeine 7g
    1 x Sir Walter Scott's Field of Junipers Snuff 15g
    1 x De Kralingse Hollandse Snuif 20g
    1 x De Kralingse Musino Tabak 20g
    1 x Toque Toffee 25g
    1 x Buck's Fizz 25g
    1 x Samuel Gawith Guarana 25g
    1 x Abraxas Premium Batch Fin 15g

    Had to take advantage of free shipping today. Time to try a lot of different snuffs I never even thought of trying. Some is restock.
  • Can't pass up free shipping. picked up a few that have been sitting on the wish list.

    SWS Mull of Oa 15g
    SWS Creme De Figue 15g
    SWS Ansons Imperial 15g
    DK Chococreme-L 30g
    Bernard Postillion 10g

  • PabloPablo Member

    Just ordered from MySmokingShop.

    Large tin of F&T Santo Domingo

    25g SG - SP No.1 High Mill

    and a leather pipe stand!

  • rats, i shoulda taken advantage of the free shippin' on the 4th. i see i could use a lil more rosinski.
    i also been patiently waitin' for Santo Domingo to get back in stock.
  • jbrentonivjbrentoniv Member
    edited July 2016 PM
    Although I did attempt to take advantage of the free shipping, I am not sure whether I will get it as there was some error with the discount code.  In either event, I'm very happy about my latest order.  I was so impressed with De Kralingse A/O that I wanted, nay, NEEDED, to try some of their other products. Pretty stoked about the tobacco-free as well.  My kids see me snuff and want a pinch.
    1 x De Kralingse Potpourri No.2 17.5g
    1 x De Kralingse Pot Pourri No.1 17.5g
    1 x De Kralingse FCV 250 17.5g
    1 x De Kralingse Macuba 20g
    1 x Toque Spanish Gem 25g
    1 x Poschl Bayern Prise Brasil 10g
    1 x De Kralingse Oranje 30g
    1 x Dholakia Blueberry Mint 8g
  • ditto on the free shipping so i ordered myself one a nice wooden snuff box. the Heartwood Black Techno. way excited too!
    is it mean or did anyone else get the signed and tracked shipping? it was also free
  • @peacock I got the same thing. I never pay for the tracking. But I think after a certain amount or weight. I'm not sure.
  • free shipping, yeah!
    3x 41 P White Elephant 150 gr
    2x Gawith Hoggarth Kendal Brown 25gr
    1x Samuel Gawith KB Plain 25gr
    2x Samuel Gawith Scotch Black 25gr
  • @chefdaniel, gotta say, a really well done snuff by SG. Not as black or moist as Black Rappee but a nice in between of that and KB Plain...funny this order is to replenish what I've used from the bomb shelter, have a neat little stash of most of my faves...your stuff is in the fridge with the SWS :-) ( which is also in the bomb shelter )
  • 50g of SWS Ansons Imperial
    50g of SWS Friar Ramon Pane
    25g of Fubar Bohica
  • for clarity: what i mean by "bomb shelter" is my basement, of which I have sole dominion . ( Wife and kids stay upstairs, most of the time :-)
  • @jmahes Scotch Black is an essential part of my dark, plain "suite" of snuffs; London Brown, Black Rappee, GH Kendal Brown balance it out, with the SG Kendal Browns coming and going depending on mood.

    I do miss SG McCombie.  It was like a bridge between the darks and the Crest series.  RIP.
  • @chefdaniel, I've never had the pleasure of trying London Brown or McCombie but I get a pretty good idea hearing the descriptions. I very much dig these darker "plainer" styles. Pure tobacco goodness!
  • Have any of you ordered anything to Arizona recently? I have seen a couple of posts about this but they are 2-3 years old.
  • @hadryeal, I'm also in Arizona. Arizona does not have any extra restrictions regarding tobacco orders. I have not ordered from Mr snuff yet, but have ordered from Old Mill with no problems. There are a few arizonans here that have from what I recall, but haven't seen them on the forum in awhile, but still within the last year.
    What part of Arizona do you live in out of curiosity?
  • HadryealHadryeal Member
    edited July 2016 PM
    @Psicko It isn't so much site specific as it is apparently there is a law against ordering any kind of tobacco product online or by phone if you aren't like a smoke shop owner or what ever, I was wondering if people were having issues with that law here because I ordered from them before I was aware. Also I live in Glendale.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited July 2016 PM
    @hadryeal the law you are most likely referring to is the pact act. It was designed to stop online cigarette and "smokeless" tobacco sales and has exclusions for pipe tobacco and cigars. You will be fine. Certain states like Washington and a few others (I think Maryland) have outright banned online tobacco of any kind and any shipping to those states. Even between private parties with a huge fine if caught. Basically the pact act made it more trouble than its worth to do online snuff sales within the states.
    Between private parties you can mail any non cigarette tobacco provided they don't live in a state where it is illegal and there are restrictions on how much and how often you can mail those, as well as having to declare the items to a postal worker. Also both parties must be of legal age of course. You can't use the automatic computer stand. If you get caught they send you a nasty gram and may confiscate said tobacco.

    Also, I lI've in Flagstaff, but come down to the valley once a month which will be this weekend. I used to work at ye olde pipe and tobacco in Phoenix.
  • Bernard Green pattern handkerchief
    Wilson's of Sharrow Jockey Club 10 gram tin
    Wilson's of Sharrow D.H. Toast No. 22 10 gram tin
  • FischTixFischTix Member
    edited July 2016 PM
    Just pulled the trigger on an order to Mr. Snuff.

    WoS Tom Buck Extra Strong SP 25g
    WoS Strasbourg 25g
    WoS Grand Cairo 25g
    WoS Gold Label 25g
    WoS French Carotte 25g
    WoS SP 100 25g
    WoS Queen Extra Strong 25g
    Abraxas St. Casura 25g

    Yes, we really like SP's!!
  • So stoked about this order!
  • edited July 2016 PM
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Latest order I'm currently waiting on, this one contains pipe tobacco too so apologies if anyone thinks it shouldn't be included in this post:
    Gawith Hoggarth Sea Breezes Snuff 10g

    Wilsons of Sharrow Snuff Takers Gift Pack of 6 Small Tins
    Wilsons of Sharrow SP 100 25g
    Wilsons of Sharrow SP Best 25g
    Wilsons of Sharrow Jockey Club 25g

    Gawith Hoggarth Whisky Snuff 25g
    Gawith Hoggarth Mitchells Special 25g

    Samuel Gawith Best Brown Flake 100g Tin

    Samuel Gawith St James Plug 100g
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