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 We are launching a new website. Free shipping for first 500 orders!

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  • ALLexALLex Member
    @Gormur from which site do u order american scotches? never had one 
  • GormurGormur Member
    @ALLex I found it on ebay.com  Sometimes the price drops and you get like 30% off, which is at least more reasonable and that's the deal I ended up getting
  • GormurGormur Member
    I really hope to get my two other orders soon, even though they're not huge or anything.  It's always nice to know the post didn't forget about you

    Anyway, I'm supposed to get the W.E. Garrett tomorrow.  I've searched here on the forum quite extensively, but I haven't seen anything about the details or workings of these tins.  How do I open these?

    Sorry to ask so abruptly but I'm one who prefers to open packages and not have to prepare for any questions on how to open them, because I want to get to work ;)

  • GormurGormur Member
    edited April 6 PM
    Just got the W.E. Garrett.  It's the tiny 1/2 oz container

    On this, you rip away the paper at the top.  I used a fingernail to move it sideways which was easy to rip through with a few tears.  Then you twist the exposed lid till it's loose, then sort of pull upwards till it pops off

  • APCookAPCook Member
    Just opened the mail to a Mr.Snuff package.
    Sir Walter Scott Havana Toast 15g
    Wilsons Irish 22 25g
    Mullins & Westley Mature Crumble 25g
    Mullins & Westley Particular 25g
    F&T Princes Special 25g
    6Photo Anarkali 8g
    6Photo Super Kailash 8g
    6Photo Begum Pathan 50g - Does anyone have any experience with this? After I ordered it I saw a post that it might be oral? If so, do I just take a pinch in the lip? Has anyone tried a sniff?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 7 PM
    @APCook, Begum Pathan is oral tobacco product. It's scented naswar. You use it just like loose snus/chemma/shammah - shape the wad into a small flattened bean and place it in the upper lip. Keep it there from 15 minutes to one hour (or while it starts desintegrate). It will burn your lip/gums, don't worry, it's normal. This sensation will gradually subside in a week or two.
  • APCookAPCook Member
    @volunge Thank you!! I shall give it a shot. Smells pretty good.
    Just had my fist pinch of Super Kailash half hour ago and was pretty happy with their product so far.... Cheers!
  • GormurGormur Member
    I got my order from the 16th of last month (sent on the 18th) of

    Samuel Gawith Irish D 25g
    McChrystal's Mulled magic 3.5g

  • Took about 3 weeks from UK to MA.
  • JohanoJohano Member
    Yep, its been over a month since my order at snuffstore was shipped.. I wrote an email again, hope they can figure it out!
  • Ben_MacMBen_MacM Member
    edited April 11 PM
    It has been a month so far, waiting for my Snus order from Northerner
  • GormurGormur Member
    edited April 12 PM
    I'm awaiting my double order of Samuel Gawith Irish D 25g that shipped on the 30th of March

    Based on the package I got this past Wednesday, it's averaging 20 business days
  • I'm still waiting 4 orders from toque

    2 orders dispatched 24/3 and the rest two 1-6/4.

    I talk with the postman and told me that there is extra 15days from the normal time.
  • GormurGormur Member
    Just wanted to clarify.  It took 16 business days; in this case Saturday and Sunday are off days.  How many actual days, I lost count ;)
  • GormurGormur Member
    Otto Schmalzler 10g x 3
    F&T HDT large tin
    Toque Quit 25g
    Toque Natural Toast 25g

    Just ordered these and they've already been mailed off to me
  • Just got my order from toque, shipped 4/6. Still waiting on an order from snuffstore that shipped 3/30
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Order from Toque:
    3x Otto Schmalzler
    3x Blueberry Menthol
    2x CBD Premium
    Toque Champagne
    Toque Grapefruit
    Toque Vanilla
  • Janta Punjabi
    Mullins and Westley Particular
    Viking Dark Rappee
    Viking Scotch Dark
    Note: The Vikings are renamed versions of the Samuel Gawith snuffs and are both excellent!
  • Snuff store order came today, a large assortment
  • m0gg3m0gg3 Member
    New to Snuff since 2 weeks. First order from Swedish store (which had quite limited selections) was:
    1 x McChrystal's Original & Genuine 22g
    1 x McChrystal's Smokes Blend 22g
    1 x Ozona President 7g

    Really liked the taste of both McChrystal's but not Ozona which was too much/strong menthol.

    New order a few days ago from snuffstore.co.uk is a mix, to try more flavors/brands:

    1 x McChrystal's Assorted Minors: Box of 12
    1 x Wilsons Best SP 5g
    1 x Wilsons Best Dark 5g
    1 x Wilsons Gold Label 5g
    1 x Taxi Red Extra Strong 15g
    1 x Silver Dollar Coffee 5g
    1 x Silver Dollar Scotch 5g
    1 x Toque Cheese and Bacon Snuff 10g
  • JohanoJohano Member
    Snuffstore shipped my order again, with tracking. Just like I suspected, they got a return after due to cut off house number in adress..
  • DocHollidayDocHolliday Member
    edited April 20 PM

    Hey guys and gals,

    Just got my latest order of snuff from SnuffStore!



    1 x Toque Violet Snuff 10g 

    1 x Toque Lavender Snuff 10g 

    1 x Temptation Mango Cream 10g 

    1 x Hedges Snuff L260 'The Snuff' 15g

    1 x FUBAR Shot of Rum 10g

    1 x Sir Walter Scott's St-James Parish Blend Snuff 15g 


    Not sure why I ordered the Hedges as I already had the same size tin barely used yet! Oh well! So far the only new one in the order I have tried is the FUBAR Shot of Rum. Fairly strong, but I really like it. The tin was easy to open but packed full, so some caution is called for. 


    Doc Holliday 

  • DocHollidayDocHolliday Member
    edited April 21 PM
    SnuffStore order update 
    Tried the Toque Lavender today and felt it was superb! No need to pinch it. Just dip the tip of my finger onto the surface and enough adheres to my finger for a nice sniff. This is certain to become a favorite for me. And I have 3 more to try ( already familiar with the Hedges ) but do not  like to mix it up with different flavors, so probably tomorrow or next day.
    Doc Holliday 
  • Two orders today one from mr snuff consisting mostly of toasts and a variety of bernards, and an order from toque for another 10 tin sampler a 50g bag of w&h and a half dozen unlabeled bullets.
  • Placed an order today!!! Thanks to Mr. Snuff for their wonderful customer service. I ordered:

    Sam Gawith Red Crest (3)
    Viking Brown (2)
    Poschl Gawith Silver Cola (3)
    Poschl Bayern Prise Brasil
    Poschl Gawith Original

    Looking forward to trying them all.
  • Pfffff i have 5 older orders and 3 new all from Toque nothing arrive yet.. 
    Postman told me that they send parcels by road because of Covid.

    Keep on waiting..   :(
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @DocHolliday great order!

    @m0gg3 you got the ~least Toque/Silver Dollars (IMO) - if you don't like em try again! Silver Dollar blueberry, licorice, apricot are so good. Coffee is weird (in a good way once you acquire the taste) and I personally couldn't stand scotches when I was new to snuff and still am very particular about them
  • m0gg3m0gg3 Member
    Thanks for the tip! I'm kind of prepared to be "dissapointed" on them, or perhaps suprised in a neutral way but it sure will be fun to test :) 
    I'm looking to find like 3-4 different (McChrystal's OG is one) safe cards (Not only mentholated, but plain as well), to rotate then in paralell try all kind of new flavors :) 
  • Placed an order as a birthday gift to myself

    Dholakia Majestic Elephant 25g
    Bernard Charivari 10g
    Fribourg & Treyer High Dry Toast 20g
    Dholakia Lion King 25g
    6 Photo M.G Madras 8g
    6 Photo Super Chetak 6g
    6 Photo Chetak Chhap 20g
    Afghan White 40g

    Very excited for this one. Particularly the Dholakias because I am positively in love with the Mighty Eagle I got in my last order. If Majestic Elephant and Lion King are even half as good, it will be worth it. This will be my 1st time trying HDT as well, I think I've toyed with the idea of ordering some in every order, but now I'm gonna bite the bullet.

    Also, because I'm a total nic fiend, I can't wait to try both the Afghan White and Chetak Chhap. The reviews I read said each will basically just blow a whole in your face. Yes, please!
  • JohanoJohano Member
    8 tins of Neffa Ifrikia on the way
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